Tuesday, 1 May 2018

See why this youth want Nigeria workers to suspend May Day celebration


Governance in all sense of judgment at any level should be able to provide some Basics (esp. Security) for the Governed. While the Nigerian Government has, to an extent failed in its bid to provide security to lives and properties in Benue State, it is my expectation that Civil Societies, Pressure Groups and well meaning Nigerians will raise their voices to condemn such denigrating act of killings in its totality. 

While the Benue killings continues, the Inspector General of Police vehemently disobeyed the President's order to relocate to Benue State as his presence was meant to beef up security in that state, yet no disciplinary action has been taken against the IG of police. Sad and funny. 

Again, President Buhari's willingness without a second thought of  jetting out of a country that recently lost a significant number of her citizens in a disgraceful and appalling manner as evident in Benue state, to attend to President Donald Trump's invitation, clearly shows the level of value placed on lives in our present day Nigeria by our elected. I pray that the outcome of that meeting brings some lasting solution to the strangulating security situation of the Country. Also we pray these incessant killings does not degenerate into another civil war in Nigeria.

Come May 1st, the Nigeria Labour Congress, which is the 'umbrella body' of the Nigerian workers  will lead millions of workers to join their counterpart across the world in celebrating "Workers Day". Preparations and Mobilizations by Unions Heads, State Government, and even the Federal Government are ongoing  for this once in a year's celebration. Nigerian Workers are expected to gather in their number, state by state, their Union Leaders decorated with uniforms, aluta songs chanted in unionized manner, promises re-echoed to them for a better enumeration package, better welfare, to mention but a few.

As beautiful as this may sound, the essence of their solidarity as a union has long been defeated. The NLC and its affiliate groups which was once the voice of the voiceless is now unfortunately the 'voice of the government'. Few days ago, another black page was added into our history books as some Nigerian Workers and their families were maimed in cold blood in Benue state. These 'voiceless government slaves' are been recently slaughtered like chickens on almost a daily basis. Killed along side their families, their properties destroyed with little or no commitment from the government to stop such killings or even bring the perpetrators to book. Cattle's are now more valuable to our government than the Nigerian worker. Yet, the largest labour workforce in Africa will be led by NLC headship to roll out drums of celebration for another 'insignificant' May 1st. I am perplexed at the very poor level of solidarity by NLC and trade unions. I am also shocked by the nonchalant attitude of other workers. Perhaps  because it has not happened/ it is not happening to them directly.

If only the NLC and its affiliate bodies could suspend this year's celebrations, if only our NLC leaders can have the capacity to delay just this year's gratification, if only we all will recognize the pain of losing an innocent child who can not even differentiate between a herdsman and a "Benuite".  If and only if this congress realizes that suspending this year's celebration could attract Federal government and the international community's sympathy to the plight of a fellow voiceless vulnerable Benue worker.

Any Nation which can close her eyes to the weak and vulnerable like the Nigerian nation is doing to the people of Benue State, no doubt, loses it's claim to national (internal) security. 
It is thus in our place as concerned and responsible citizens, represented by Groups such as the NLC, to identify and bring to the notice of the government, our plight and those of our fellow 'voiceless' Nigerians.

This is a clarion call to the NLC and other Pressure groups to be focused and more attentive to the plight of others. That is the essence of the movement solidarity.