Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Captain Remains the Captain : Cross River State 2019 in View by Modlin Odu

| 9 May 2018 | Modlin Odu 

Sequel to the recent political worries of lovers of the State which peruse the corridors of beer parlor fellowship, football viewing centres' half time téte-a-téte, good neighbours' over-the- fence evening lamentations of the never ending woes of life and society, passengers brought by fortune to travel the same taxi, father and son ethical analysis and now, the social media that, the "Political Lords" are silent about the return of the reigning lord.

 If anyone must speak about the uncertainties and certainties of 2019, its very undeniably, the all knowing One, God, and He does this through the people not through a person or group of assumed "Powerful Persons" especially when their reign was with its own very plenty and mighty challenges. Is it not written that the voice of the #PEOPLE is the voice of #GOD? So why the worries? No catastrophe is steaming anywhere. Whoever wishes to speak will do so when there is something to talk about. We MUST not be distracted. There is still four more years to cruise on this ship, savour its blessedness and swift sail to rapid development, employment opportunities, reduced crime rate and insecurity, economic stability and so many intelligent, realisable ideas which propels me to reiterate that, the captain remains the captain.

There is a difference between a ruler and a leader and Cross Riverians have had a reasonable share of both and can attest and hurriedly distinguish between these phenomenons especially in an era where pretence is old fashioned. The evidences of leadership and that of rulership are there for us to see. Should we begin to mention them? Yes, but save them as story for another day.

My dear Cross Riverians, if you see what I see,  you will understand that 2019 will not be business as usual!. The voices that will matter will be that of Yours and Mine. There is actually no quagmire in the Ruling party, but based on vision and mission, achieved fits and the ones in the process, we say let the Captain remain for the "beans to cook well"