Thursday, 31 May 2018

Three years down, C'riverians taunt Ayade with 20 of his unrealistic Projects

As governor Benedict Ayade, the digital governor of Cross River state celebrates his third year in office, Cross Riverians has filled the digital airspace with some of the mouth watering Projects of the Ben Ayade's administration that are yet to see the light of the day.

It should be recalled that upon assumption of office in 2015, the digital governor, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade had rolled out several big and gigantic projects which his critics had termed 'Elephant Projects'.

Although during the 29th May Democracy Day celebration, the governor and his cronies had show cased several projects he had embarked on, many critics still said unlike previous government, the day would have been used to commission series of project, but this was not possible because  Ayade is carrying several projects all at the same time as if he just woke up from slumber.

In fact one critic on Facebook wrote in Efik and I interpret "If you have this deep this  hand inside oil, and the other hand is also swimming inside oil, which one will you use to hold your wrapper when it attempt to fall off"?

Sychophants Praise singers call Ayade the deep thinker but critics say they wonder what he smokes before saying some of the things he says, a typical example was the say he signed the N1.3T budget where he was quoted as saying that " in the 21st century, you jump before you look"

It on this backdrop that Cross Riverians have listed bellow some of the deep vision projects that many believe may never see the light of the day:

Governor Ayade Projects You Have Never Seen But That Makes The Loudest Noise. 

1. Super highway. 

2. The Deep Sea Port. 

3. Calaga Vegas City in Southern Cross River State. 

4. Nostradam City in Northern Cross River State. 

5. Centicort City in Central Cross River State. 

6. Calabar Virgin City in Calabar. 

7. 1500 Housing Units for the Bakassi Returnees. 

8. Cross River Poultry Farm with 150,000 capacity hatchery. 

9. Synthetic Wood Processing Plant constructed by Chinese. (A Bill was enacted to back this up). It is one of the achievements of John Gaul CRHoA. 

10. Wood Processing Plant. Part of the above bill also covered this project in order to protect our environment from illegal wood poachers. How do you feed a wood processing plant without woods(That is, if you protect the woods)? 

11. Ayade Calabar South Waterfront Resort. 

12. Ayade flouting restaurant(Calabar South). 

13. Cally Air. 

14. Cross River Fishing Trolleys and Vessels(This project was approved and public bidders process accomplished with fanfare and media hype). 

15. Ayade poke/beef process plant. 

16. Cross River State Footprint Institute of carpentry and masonry. 

17. Odukpani Bridge with a spaghetti flyover. 

18. Ogoja Ultra Modern Rice Mill that will pump out 150,000 tonnes of rice per anum. 

19. Cross River State chocolate factory. 

20. Hydro thermal electricity project in Akpokum waterfalls in Ikom. 

If you have seen this anywhere in Cross River State, please tell me and I will edit my post. You can also add what projects you haven't seen.