Wednesday, 23 May 2018

What wife of a popular Calabar pastor said on husband's birthday will keep you Thinking

| 23 May 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

Today being 23rd day of May is indeed a day ordained by the ecclesia for mankind to be delivered and liberated from the shackles of ignorance, sin and the tricks of the devil, as it was on this same day some decades ago They sent Pastor Akumaye Ugar into this planet called earth with a special message to liberate men from being ignoramus about their person and destiny in Christ.

As this very youthful but highly versatile and intellectual revered Clergy marks his birthday today, his very angelic and beautiful better half took the center stage to lead both congregants and non-congregants to pour out encomiums on her husband.

In this part of our climes, it is very uncommon to see pastors' wives go romantic in public, it is believed that pastors wives should be very holy and sanctimonious, but this was not the case for Kome Ugar who defiled the odds, broke the religiousity and "holier than thou" barrier and went all out to call her darling revered husband romantic names such as 'Prince Charming' 'Ufan'  and 'best'. 

Pastor Mrs. Kome Ugar was quick to go spiritual, maybe this was her trick to calm some nerves of those who maybe waiting to raise eye brow, when she added 'he is my prophet specially given to me by God'.

In her words:

'Happiest birthday to my prince charming. He is my best "Ufan"(friend) in the whole wide world. He loves to impact his world and he does it so well. He is my Prophet specially given to me by God. Plenty love from Charis, Zee, and Elish. I so love you. Shine on!'

Pastor Akumaye Ugar who is the senior pastor of Honey Streams Christian Center located at Big Quo shopping mall opposite U. J. Esuene stadium in Calabar is also an author,  Life coach, International Leadership and Development speaker. 

For those who knew the handsome Akumaye during his undergraduate days will not forget his humble beginning with the House of Judah a campus fellowship which has groomed many renowned preachers, business executives and great Career persons today. Many believed House of Judah eventually metamorphose into what is known today as Honey Streams Christian Center.

Pastor Ugar, has indeed being a blessing to many lives as it speaks volumes today with the number of messages that have crowded the social media airspace. Everybody both members and non-members alike are all scrambling to express their heartfelt gratitude to the servant of God.

If you have not been challenged or touched by any message before, please look for the message tittle "20 things you must do before you are 30" by Pastor Akumaye Ugar, and your life will never ever be the same again.


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