Wednesday, 16 May 2018

While Nigeria is still at the Golden Age, Ayade is building the Mental Age CRS

The world is changing and everything in it is has to change along or remain stagnant, stand still and perish. 

First was the Stone Age, when life depended on the straight of the arm or the fleet of foot.

 Then there was the Iron Age—this time, life was more precious, but still the strong lorded it over the weak.

 Then the Golden Age, where riches took the place of strength, but thepoor found little choice between the slave drivers' whips of olden days and the grim weapons of poverty and starvation. 

The break free or the emancipation from the slave mentality created new worlds, but most of these worlds carried along with them, the  slave driver's whips and enshrined same to  their leadership attitudes and refuse to grow out of the Golden Age. 

Generations over generations we keep on consummating theories upon  theories, all only to fine tone the slave driver's whips, calling it all sort of names to meet with modern acceptability. 

The result is the grim weapons of poverty and starvation. The scorch of violence, terrorism, joblessness, corruption etc. 

To grow Cross River state  out of  such doom age and place her citizens on a better position to meet the first world, Governor Ayade is therefore, focusing on the  Mental Age. 

The age when every man can be his own master, when poverty and circumstance no 
longer hold power and the lowliest creature in the land can win a place side by side with the highest.

The golden age of political Lions and Elephants, having few with  financial  powers and occupying space meant for many are gone. 

Today, government expansion and the deliberate injection of industrialized policies is to shift our minds from over dependent on Politics, to using our brains, "Tasking the Brains" as Ayade himself puts it. 

We are in the Mental Age where we can think of creating rather than dominating what has been created long ago. Inventions, innovations, creativity and fabrications are the order of the day. 

From the Deep sea Port to the Garment Factory, Rice City, Calapharm, Rice Mills, Cocoa factory, Toothpick Factory, etc. We see profusion,  we see the simplicity of the mental self just in our thought system, creating profusion, infinite energy, and easiness.

No machine imported is not just a combination of steel and mental work fabrications driven with electric motors. 

The pride of our future is today born.