Sunday, 24 June 2018

APC Convention: And Matters Arising


Hon. Usani Usani, Minister for Niger Delta Affairs almost frustrated our hopes of a virile and viable All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River State after the outcomes of the party local govt and state congresses. However, I hear some cheering news from today's convention.

Nobody with a clear conscience and who's progress minded and seek our state's good could have supported Hon. Usani's 1952 one-man-squad style of politics in 2018. This is the political aberration that continuous to reinforce failure in Cross River State politics and breeds the lack of inclusiveness that has ensured the shrinking of political space in Cross River State politics.

The Cross River State APC must be allowed to be open and accommodating to both old and newcomers, all elements and stakeholders within the party must eschew bitterness and an 'empty sense of entitlement' by ensuring everybody is given a level playing field within the party, for failure to do so will spell all round doom for the party in Cross River State and will give the PDP in the state the audacity to take us for a ride. 

The viability of opposition politics in Cross River State issue inwin-win-winfor all of us especially ordinary Cross Riverians.

This is the moment for all APC stakeholders to rally round Distinguished Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba to provide the needed leadership that will reposition the APC as a viable alternative to the PDP in Cross River State politics.

The monopoly of the political space by the PDP in Cross River State since 2003 when Governor Donald Duke emasculated and collapsed every opposition in the state hasn't been in the political interest of ordinary Cross Riverians, and every right thinking person must be alive to support this move to extricate Cross River State politics from the hands of a few elements within the PDP by supporting a broad-based of forces for the good of our politics. 

The time to do this, actually, is yesterday!

Kennedy Nsan
Writes from OAU, 
Ile-Ife, Osun State.