Friday, 29 June 2018

Conffussion as close associate of Joseph Bassey distance self from Press statement against Ayade

An associate to Bishop Joseph Bassey and a christian leader in Cross River State, Pastor Gabriel Joseph has distanced himself from Bishop Joseph Bassey, who last week held an anti-Governor Ben Ayade press conference.

Pastor Joseph who is the General Overseer of the Blessed-Hope Gospel Ministries International in a statement titled; 'Re: You Don't Deserve A Second Term – Christian Leaders Tell Ayade' signed by him said the convener of the group that made the call, Bishop Josef Bassey never consulted him to seek his consent before going to the press.

He said his attendance at the said press conference was premised on the fact that he respects Bishop Bassey and thought it will be for a church programme, not a political event and only heard Bishop Bassey's position while he was addressing journalists.

The statement issued Friday in Calabar read: "I write to dissociate myself from the news purported to have been sponsored by Cross River State Christian Leaders Forum and published in some national dailies and online platforms on June 23, 2018, berating the people's Governor His Excellency,  Senator Prof Ben Ayade as unworthy candidate for re-election in 2019.

"Let me state here and categorically too that I was not consulted nor disclosed to, the content of the brief until when it was read to the press."

Explaining further, the Pastor said: "Bishop Josef Bassey called me at about 11.00pm on the eve of the briefing and asked me to see him by midday the next day and as a leader in the faith, I did not hesitate, I prepared the next day and went to his office as we agreed.

"On arrival, I noticed huge present of the pressmen already waiting for him in the hall and as usual each time he has a crusade, I thought the briefing was about his revival programme which publicity was all over town and was still running on local media houses.

"As he directed, I prayed for the state, lawmakers, and the entire citizenry that our people will be stronger, prosperous, live in peace with God and one another bearing in mind the rival clashes in Calabar south and other skirmishes in some parts of the state.

"Little did I know that I was acting the script already written by Pastor Josef Bassey to castigate the people's governor."

The cleric who said he is "nonpartisan," added that: "I do not do things that heat the polity rather what I do always pray and advise that right and correct approaches are adopted in governance to keep the state's socio-economy afloat."

"I therefore without hesitation, disassociate myself from the purported news conference prepared and read by the Bishop without my consent and that the content of that press conference does not in any way represent me nor reflect my position and true character in the faith," the cleric said, maintaining that: "Bishop Josef Bassey was the sole masterminded and orchestrated the media meeting and that I heard the content of that briefing for the first time as the same time pressmen were hearing and subsequently reported."

Furthermore, he averred that: "I am a peace loving Nigerian and would not do anything to incite, heat up the already fragile fabric of the state and the polity but always."