Friday, 29 June 2018

Feddy Ncha: The new Face of Ikom/Boki Federal constituency

| 29 June 2019 | Ukorebi Esien 

Representation at the national assembly is not all about empowerment but driving processes that will have both economic and political benefits to the people you represents, and also attracting Federal Government Presence to your constituency through projects and policies.

It is based on the aforementioned that I want to believe that for many Federal Constituencies, 2019 is obviously the set time to right many wrongs. In time past electorates had voted out of sentiment, party affiliation and what candidates could offer during electioneering campaigns, but this time around with the high level of awareness and sensitization on ground, electorates are now prepared to vote capacity and not party. 

The audacity of the youths to confront and attempt to not just challenge but change the status quo is a step in the right direction, as we see youths with capacity, intellect and experience warming up to be effective representatives.

As we look forward to the 2019 elections, a young dynamic and intellectually capable youth from Boki Local Government of Cross River state has rolled up his sleeves ready to represent  the people of Ikom/Boki Federal Constituency in the green chambers.

It is no longer hidden that Boki has become a centre of attraction and concern due to its communal clash and other insecurity challenges and Ikom which is an ancient town needs more Federal Government Presence to harness its full potentials and make it a national commercial city, there is the need for a representative who does not only understand these peculiar needs and challenges of the Federal constituency but also has what it takes to take the needed steps in meeting these needs.

 It is on this premise that I introduce the man Feddy Ncha, the perfect match for the Job.

Feddy Ncha, is a native of Kakubok village, Buda ward, Irruan clan of Boki LGA who is making waves in the Ikom/Boki Federal constituency as the young and the old are already singing chants of hopeful liberation in anticipation that he will be the Moses they have long yearned for.

Feddy Ncha attended Group Primary School BBK in Bankpor Irruan and secondary school in Bekpor Irruan, Boki. He holds an HND in Accounting from Polycal, the now, CRUTECH. A post Graduate Diploma in Management and a Masters Degree in Business Administration University of Calabar. 

He worked in Cross River State Rural Water as a civil servant from 1992-2002.

In 2004 he contested and won the seat of the councilor to represent his ward where he also doubled as Chairman House Committee on Budget, Finance  Appropriation. 

At some point,his capacity and efficiency was felt as a Validation Officer in Cross River State on SURE-P program on Maternal and Child Health from The Presidency. 

He is currently a Director in charge of Finance and Supplies of CRS Water-Ways Agency, Calabar. 

He is a consummate husband and a celebrated father who believes he still has more to offer his larger family which is the Ikom/Boki Federal constituency family.

Having experienced what legislating entails combined with his wealth of knowledge in public service, Feddy is prepared and ready to engage, relevant bodies in the development of his Federal Constituency.

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