Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Frustrated Oyegun works for more crisis in APC: Inaugurates Illegal State Exco Across the Nation

| 06 June 2018 | Joseph Odok

Those that have followed activities of Oyegun after he was found to be too corrupt to continue to lead APC as it's National Chairman, would read the handwriting on the wall that Oyegun is in a suicidal mission to destroy the party because he was found unworthy to continue to pilot the affairs of the party. At some point, the party thought it could continue to manage Oyegun to avoid some crisis leading to the National Convention when it discovered that Oyegun was in a perpetual habit of taking bribes to sell the party,  it rescind it's earlier decision for tenure elongation. From the moment Oyegun saw he was not to retain his position as the National Chairman, he orchestrated a suicidal congress. The illegal congreses of Oyegu was to criminally enable him ganner enough money for his retirement from politics. The illegality of Oyegun in the Congress that saw more than 21 States in crisis was conducted with the intent to kill internal democracy in the party.  


The just-concluded Congress saw more than 21 states in crisis. Most of the crisis in the states was due to the resistance of Oyegun attempt to sell the party to some money bags in violation of the principles of internal democracy. Most states took to the court to challenge these illegalities through court orders that either canceled the entire congress elections or in some cases like in Cross River State,  there were court orders restraining the illegally constituted exco led by Hon Etim John from parading itself as APC State Exco. 


Today Oyegun in violation of the party's constitution and court orders went ahead to inaugurate illegal State exco across the nation. 


It is to be noted that on assumption of office, Oyegun inaugurated an exco that took oat of office to be loyal to him. The Oyegun led exco took oat of office to be loyal to his administration. It is important to note that the Oyegun led exco was inaugurated after the national convention in compliance with the party's constitution. 


It is an act of desperation for Oyegun to inaugurate another exco today in violation of the party's constitution and court orders especially when he has stepped down from contesting as National Chairman of the party. The unanswered question is who will the recently inaugurated exco of Oyegun be loyal to when a new chairman is yet to be elected through a national convention? 


Party loyalist should ignore the exco inaugurated by Oyagun because it is a product of illegality and a show of frustration of Oyegun who has taken his frustration to the marketplace. In due time the newly elected National Chairman will inaugurate a legal exclusive in compliance with the party's constitution. The illegalities of Oyegun will soon be corrected after the conclusion of National Convention. The newly elected  APC put National Chairman will correct the illegalities orchestrated by Oyegun and thereby bring back the party to the right track. 


Joseph Odok

APC Stakeholder