Sunday, 24 June 2018

Governorship Aspirant Commends Cleric for Outspokenness

| 25 June 2018 | Press Release

A frontline politician in Cross River State, Barrister Eyo Ekpo, has congratulated the General Overseer of God's Heritage Centre, Calabar, Bishop Josef Bassey, for truthfully speaking up about the leadership qualities of Professor Ben Ayade, Governor of the State.

Ekpo, who aspires to lead the State as Governor in 2019, commended Bishop Bassey for refusing to shy away from the truth about the prevailing deterioration in Cross River, even as an uncomfortable silence pervades the State. 
According to Ekpo, "it is high time people began to call a spade a spade. This State is no longer what it used to be. It is not safe, businesses have left and more are leaving. This is not the Cross River State successive governments fought to build. This is not how Cross Riverians deserve to live".

"I really commend Bishop Joseph Bassey and the Christian Leaders Forum for speaking up bold and tell Ayade the truth about the situation in our State. Another four years of this is beyond contemplation. 

Already, the State economy is in complete retrogression and the State Government cannot hind behind the national economic downturn because other States are recording significant progress, especially in social welfare and human services," he stated.

The Former Attorney General of the State further enjoined other religious and community leaders across the State to emulate the example of the God-fearing cleric and speak the truth for the benefit of all Cross Riverians. He regretted the growing spate of insecurity and incessant communal clashes that have claimed young lives, displaced thousands of families and plunged many more into economic hardship.

He argued, "the level of insecurity is another major cause for concern. The incidents of kidnapping, robbery, cultism and the growing spate of communal crisis leave are totally unacceptable, especially as previous Administrations had succeeded after much hard work in making the State a haven of peace, law and order. 

"For instance, people have died as a result of the crisis in Boki and Yakurr LGAs and various border clashes. Yet the Governor remains quiet. Has he visited any of the affected communities? Has he sanctioned any of his officials, who are known to be involved in some of these terrible events?" he queried.

"We cannot allow this absentee governance to continue in this State. We have, rather than build on the achievements of previous administrations, gone back 30 years. People rather than long to visit Cross River prefer to go to other States," Barrister Ekpo stressed.

He noted that Cross River people owe it a duty to themselves and their future generations to speak up particularly at the forthcoming general elections in 2019. The aspirant opined "Cross River State deserve better than what it has presently in terms of State leadership. We need to rise up again, from the depths we have sunk to. We must stand taller than this low level where we are all being deliberately impoverished just for one small group of people personally favoured by the Governor to reign supreme. Cross River State was not created for the whims of one man and his brother to hold sway over all others.

"Democracy means people must be involved in governance, not ruled over. And, the way to recover and restore good governance to Cross River State is to go to obtain our PVCs and go to the ballot box in large numbers in 2019 to end our steady race to the bottom on which this Governor is leading the State.
He added, "come 2nd March 2019, I urge all Cross River people to vote out mediocrity. We must vote for truth, sustainable development, equity, justice, security, better education and healthcare, peace and restoration of a vibrant economy and a better Cross River State.