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Owan is a brilliant guy but... See What Sandy said about Owan

L-R: Sen. John Owan Enoh and Dr. Sandy Onor 
| 02 June 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

Dr. Sandy Onor a chieftain and an aspirant for the seat of the senator representing the central senatorial district of Cross River state on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  has extol the good virtues of his rival Senator John Owan Enoh an APC chieftain and current senator representing Central coss River in the Red Chamber.

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The original Caterpillar has he is fondly called made this known recently in his Calabar residence in an interactive session with some online journalist. Dr. Onor made it clear that he can not because of politics speak ill of his brother who he knows too well that he is good at his job.

Sen. Owan is currently representing Cross River central in the upper chamber but surprisingly and unlike most politicians, Dr. Onor who is said to be eyeing Owan's job at the upper chambers of the National Assembly recently poured encomiums on the federal lawmaker stating that he is a brilliant guy who knows his onions.

Dr. Onor who is popularly referred to as the original caterpillar was quick to add that thou Owan is good at his job, but there are still other people yet to be tested with the national legislative job.
In his words:

'John is a brilliant guy and if I because of politics make a statement to the contrary I will not be fair to the truth, John is a brilliant guy, he knows his onions, he has done well for himself and there's no doubt about it.'
Sandy Noted

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Like I said before on, they are other men outside and even him, he knows that the original caterpillar is loaded and everyone knows that when it comes to competence and capacity that is why we are saying that yea he's done well but he is not the only Macule around.

Dr. Onor argued that other people like him need to be given the chance to display their skills and the only bases of comparison should be after he is done at the
We too need to be given a chance to show a completely different angle to what performance should be. 'When we are done then the comparison can come. But for now, there are other men'. He reiterated.

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Dr. Sandy insisted that although Owan is good for the Job there's need for a change of batton and that no matter how beautiful a Masquerade dances at the village square, people will be yearning for a different dance, especially when the other masquerade is also of a huge quality. He went on to emphasize that the people of Central Cross River are desperate for a new dance and he is prepared and ready to give them that dance. As the Original Caterpillar, he is going to the Senate with new ideas, new commitments, intensity and the people will experience a breath of fresh air.

"First of all, I am the original caterpillar,  I am a historian and he is a sociologist and I think we are a different personality. No matter how beautiful a one masquerade dances in the village square after a while people will be yearning for a different dance. It is natural, especially when the other masquerade is also of a huge quality.

The people need a different dance, and they will see a different dance from us, new ideas, new things will be done, new commitment, new intensity, a breath of fresh air, new momentum, the people will see something different. I have been tested and proven. you can go to Etung and check out my profile as a Local Government chairman, it is a benchmark and the performance remains a landmark.

There is a certain tinge of huge quality associated with what we do that will be shown in the Senate my friends and foes admit so"
. He Concluded.

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