Wednesday, 27 June 2018

President Buhari has great respect for the Ayade and C'river state - Barr Chris Agara

The visit of President Buhari to Cross River State has sparked a lot of comments, reactions and statements from Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike.

Prominent among such statements are the words of Barr Chris Agara who said that the President's second visit to the state within three years of his first term goes a long way to show forth the value Buhari has for Governor Ayade and Cross Riverians.

Speaking with newsmen at the Rice Seedling and seed factory, Barr Agara said for the President to visit the state in this frequency and the Policy statements he made are all indications that Buhari loves and values cross river state.

"Do you know what it means for the president to visit your state? A state that is not on the same political platform and for the President to come and be making  such policy statements, and we all know that the president we have is not known to be talking carelessly

So for him to come here for the second time within three and within his first term, it shows how much he values the governor and even the state. So to me, the visit is innovative very good for Cross River and Nigeria as well as posterity". He said.

Speaking on the agricultural strides of Governor Ben Ayade, the learned politician said he is not only ready to key into the vision of the Governor but he is already a strong partner with the governor to drive the agricultural sector.

"You are all aware that am partnering with the state government to develop the cocoa subsector in Ikom. That is the cocoa factory, so also is the rice mill in Obudu, even what you see here(rice seedlings and seed factory), am part of the value chain here in the development of what is happening here which will complement the rice mill or end up in the rice mill".

The Senatorial aspirant promised that if given the opportunity to serve the Central Senatorial district in the red chambers he will further drive the process and make sure the people are trained and taught modern and technological methods of farming.

"My thrust has always been on the development of agriculture. My thrust is that you have to get the people back to the land and because that's the advantage you have, you don't need to teach your people how to farm you only need to encourage and teach them new techniques like what we have here today.

So for me, if I go to the National Assembly if given the chance, my thrust is to see how we can get our rightful place in the agricultural development of the country.

You will all agree with me that if we take the right steps and engage the right people and getting them to be innovative as they realize their potentials in terms of agricultural development, it will move us from the level we are now to a higher pedestal.

The cocoa processing factory and rice mill have been built to an international standard and we are going to build a research and development center where we will carry out periodic and regular analysis of what we produce to ensure they meet international standard specification. And there will be no compromise on quality in terms of processing and packaging, so these two dimensions are dimensions we are not going to be joking with we will make sure anything we do there is acceptable and measures up anywhere in the world". He concluded.