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Trouble looms as Ayade's die hard fan backstabs him, says Ayade is not working

| 23 July 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

Pius Kejou Osang, a die-hard fan, a strong supporter and an alleged protegé of Governor Benedict Ayade has thrown a big blow at the governor, stating that the Governor has done little or nothing to develop his Obudu hometown.

Pius Kejou who himself is from Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State is known to be an addictive supporter of the governor.  Pius fanaticism has seen him cut his hair in the same style and pattern as the governor and you will always see him on the same clothing, attire with the same style the governor is known for.

Pius who is almost of the same height as the governor is usually mistaken for the governor when seen from a distance at public fora.
Although he is not an appointee of the governor but his Facebook wall is always littered with praise singing and extremist support post of the government of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade.

But just has a popular saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. Pius bewildered many when in one of his recent social media post that has generated a lot of controversies, he gave his friend and mentor a backstab by saying "Let's tell ourselves the truth, Ayade is not Working".

This particular post from Pius generated over 150 comments with many disbelieving the post actually came from Pius, as many were seen requesting to know if Pius account had been hacked for such a statement to have emanated from a die-hard lover and supporter of the governor.



Hours later, Pius was seen trying to defend his earlier statement against the governor when he said,

"When One of the reasons I said My digital brother is not Working... 
Below are pictorials reasons in Obudu town you can see how Speaker(CRSHA) and deputy Speaker cars respectively also you can see how Okada man sleep off the road because of Abandonment by my brother. This is not the Obudu town that I grew up with oooooooo. 

This very post generated more comments as friends and foes of both Pius and the governor were taken aback his post. 

It wasn't up to 24 hours after this last post when Pius was seen Campaigning rigorously for his friend the governor for a second term.

When he posted a poster campaigning for the governor's second term with the accompanying statement
"My support for Ayade is undiluted..."

But Pius was quick to add that 

" ...the truth needs to be told so that my brother can sit up now that's still early. My car was almost set ablaze in Obudu because am carrying Ayade banner on it".

At this point, many of his fans came to the conclusion that he not only an attention seeker but a confused fanatic who is playing dirty politics to get what he wants, come 2019(commissioner of Youth). Many of his fans were seen warning him to stop being confused and take a decisive and clean stand as he politic.


Pius Kejuo Osang may be very ambitious and determine to get what he wants at all cost and displaying such level of fanatism and open confrontation at the same time maybe his best style. But I think he got it wrong along the line.

Maybe he had tried loyalty for three years and it was not working so he decided to attack openly and he was called to order by the powers that be, therefore, he came back, looking for ways to amend by explaining that he just had to tell the truth despite his support and love for the governor.

And I ask what truth is Pius now talking about. When he was busy fanaticising and campaigning for the governor since 2015, will he say that he never for once saw this truth is now claiming to see or maybe the greed in his eyes and his quest to benefit from the government blinded him from seeing the truth? Today four years is almost gone and his desires from the government have not been met, he now remembers there's a truth to be told. 

In a private chat with someone very close to Pius, I learnt he was seen lamenting over the weekend in his Boki home town, how governor Ayade has refused to look his way despite all he has done to attract the governor's attention. 

If I may ask, Pius, is the Obudu road a yardstick to measure the performance of your Friend the governor?  For Pius to come out now to say "Let the truth be told Ayade is not working" and later explains that his statement stems from the sorry state of the Obudu road alone is a big scam. Pius should tell us the truth. Pius where e dey sick you?

Pius should come out and tell Cross Riverians that he is disappointed by the governor's refusal to recognize him and possibly give him what he thinks is his due after three and a half years of mimicking the governor.

I am disappointed that Pius could stoop to this level of attacking from within. If he has issues with Obudu road why not channel it to the appropriate quarter instead of publicly demarketing the same product you wish to later sell.

For the records, I am not an APC nor a PDP member neither am I advocating for the return or discard of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, I am only taking a stand against the actions of a youth who is supposed to be a leader in Cross River state.

Ukorebi Esien 
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