Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Massive Protest, as youth shutdown Ikom to protest against PHED

| 12 July 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

According to information reaching our newsroom, over 1000 youths in Ikom local government area of Cross River State have taken to the streets of Ikom to protest against what they call 'Massive fraud' by The Port Harcourt Distribution Electricity Company, PHED.

Speaking with our correspondent, a resident who identified himself as Daniel described the act as fraudulent recounting that there had been epileptic power supply since since last year September he relocated to Ikom and the company had formed the habit of restoring power towards the end of the month for about 2 or three days when they are about to distribute bills.

" My brother this people have not been giving us light, they only hive us light when they want to come and collect money, after two or three days, the light is gone. Since I came to Ikom last year September, I can count the number of times these people have given us light, even when they do the voltage is very low, you can't even use the light for anything". He recounted.

He further stated that the bills they are highly estimated. Giving an instance where a room that has just one bulb and no electrical appliances is billed over a thousand naira monthly. 

The source also disclosed that sometime early in the year, Ikom elders and chiefs had sealed the Company's premises with palm fronds and after a lot of pleadings and negotiations which lasted for months the place was reopened for business and since then they still had been no significant improvement.

The youths who were seen in their numbers protesting round the streets of Ikom in their numbers have vowed to ensure the right thing is done have also requested that it is better PHED completely disconnect the local government from the greed than give such abysmal service.

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