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My Agreement with Odukpani may have been mistaken as Eta's – Nkoyo Toyo

| 1st July 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

A former lawmaker representing  Odukpani/Calabar Municipality Federal Constituency, Hon.(Amb) Nkoyo Toyo has said that her agreement with the good people of Odukpani local government area during the run-up of the 2015 elections may have been mistaken to be that of the incumbent House member representing the Federal constituency at the National Assembly.

Ambassador Toyo who disclosed this in a telephone conversation with our correspondent said that while gunning for a second term to represent the Federal Constituency in the green chambers, she ran on a campaign promise of completing her second term and not going for a third term,  rather she will ensure Odukpani produces the next Federal House representative member come 2019.

In her words: "At the time I was supposed to go for my second term, the argument we brought forth was that I was going to do my second term and then it will go back to Odukpani, I ran on that campaign it had nothing to do with Eta Mbora because he was a competitor, I can't speak for him I don't know what his commitment with Odukpani was. I am the one who said to Odukpani, let me go and finish my second term then by 2019 it will return to Odukpani. She said.


Speaking further, the eloquent ambassador, suggested that her agreement with Odukpani may have been misconstrued to be Eta's agreement with Odukpani, or some mischief makers are intentionally trying to use her words against Eta's ambition.

"Basically, I was not there when Eta made such commitment what I know is that I had made the commitment that I will go for two terms before Odupkani goes, maybe it was based on that, that Odukpani is insisting that Eta should not go for second term. She said.

"…I was the one who said I will go for a second term and that I will not go for a third term. Well pehaps, because I had made a commitment, so there is a possibility that he may have also had made the same commitment. I repeat 'May', my emphasis is on the word 'May', like I said, I was not there.

… I did not do two terms, and I am not against anybody doing two terms, what am saying is that it (zoning or second term) is not a fixed thing they cannot ask Eta not to run for a second term. If Odukpani wants it they should contest for it.

I don't know who has any proof that he made that agreement, am not aware of whatever commitment he made to the Odukpani people, I was facing my own election. She added.

However, the former lawmaker advised the people of Odukpani to present their case before the party if they feel they have a strong case and evidence supporting such agreement.

"Politics is all about competition, and everybody is open to the competition. But If Odukpani feel they have a strong case let them make their case, they can take it up to the party and insist on the party that they want to see it happen, and if their case is valid, the party can make a strong proclamation.

…Odukpani cannot stop by saying we had an agreement. They have to go to the party for the party to also declare that the zoning stands, once the party declares that the zoning stands, there's nothing Eta (or Calabar Municipality) can do.

 We should also remember that zoning is not done by individual is done by the party, while we take a cue from what happened to Jonathan who was alleged to have promised to do a one term and at the end despite support from the party aggrieved members of the party still worked against him and he lost". She concluded.

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