Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Obol Lopon of Ugep throws weight behind Gaul says, he's tested, proven for National responsibility

| 26th July 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

The Obol Lopon of Ugep and controversial Paramount Ruler of the Yakurr Nation, has expressed satisfaction in the leadership style of the Speaker of the Cross River State 8th Assembly, stressing that he is fit to handle any national responsibility. 

The Royal father who made this known during a visit by the speaker to his Royal Home, emphasied that John Gaul is not a stranger to Ugep and his leadership style of sustaining a peaceful relationship between the Executive and the Legislature is commendable and having been tested and proven he is qualified to handle any national position, therefore, the people of Ugep will support his ambition.

 In his words; 
"You are not a stranger, you are an Ugep man. I know you have been tested and have proven to be qualified for any appointment in Nigeria, your speakership in the state has brought great peace between the executive and legislature, am confident you will do well in the reps, we will support you, the Ugep people will support you". The Monarch concluded.

The Council of Ugep Chiefs were also present as they trooped out in their numbers to back their leader, the Obol Lopon as he endorsed and threw his weight behind the speaker's ambition, while they assured him of their support.

Also the youths and women were present in their teeming numbers. 

Speaking with newsmen, the youth leader, Mr George Stephen Ewa, said "I promised my youths that this time around, am not going to lead them to a wrong candidate, we have studied John and we are convinced he is the best man for the job".

 The women also came out in their numbers to prove and show their support, the women's leader Ms Eni reiterated their unflinching support for John Gaul.

Earlier on the speaker, who is also a front line hopeful for the Green chambers job had said he has not come to promise to build new institutions but to ensure the existing ones work at their full capacities.

The spindly and handsomely canny lawmaker extolled the performances of the previous administrators of the state for providing the Federal Constituency with over 78 Primary and 40 Secondary Schools, 2 Higher Institutions of learning and 23 Primary Health Care Centers.

"One of the basic reasons why I think I should indicate interest to represent the constituency at the House of Representative, is that in the last twenty years, past Governments have done so well in setting up structures, today we have seventy eight primary and Fourty two secondary schools, Abi and Yakurr Urban Development Authorities, two higher institutions( Institute of Management Technology, ITM Ugep and College of nursing Science), two Water Boards and twenty three Primary Health Care centres across the Federal constituency. But the issue is, they are not working as much as they should work". The lawmaker noted.

"ITM Ugep, College of nursing science are all creations of legislation, and so it is only the person(Institution) who created it that can oversight and make sure it works. Am not promising you I will build new institutions when you send me there, but I assure you, the existing ones will work at its peak". He added.

The speaking speakers as he is fondly called noted that "A legislator who brags of only making laws, can't really impact the common man on the street, that is why I am bringing in governance into legislature. I am like a child, I have made mistakes and have learnt from my mistakes". He concluded.

The LEGISLATIVE GOVERNANCE manifesto of speaker Gaul which has detailed strategies and implementation plans, with proper consideration to innovation is born out of a proper need assessment and pivoted on five anchors such as Legislative Governance, Constituency Governance, Constituency Development Strategy, Constituency Intervention Initiative and Constituency Conversation and Engagement Strategy.

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