Thursday, 12 July 2018

Revealed: Why governor Ben Ayade cannot visit his home town

Having read some beautiful piece eulogizing the handiwork of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade, the digital Governor of Cross River State. It was only natural that I visit the Northern Senatorial District to see things for myself. The ecstasy at which I preoccupied myself sequel to my departure knew no bound. I wanted to see the Yellow Maize farm in Obubra, the Cocoa Factory in Ikom and the Ultra-Modern Rice Factory in Ogoja. My ego was boosted in Akamkpa when I saw the vast expanse of land bulldozed for the Automated Electric Pole factory in Awi, the first of its kind in Africa. Well, let me not talk about the Banana Plantation for now as it is located in the South.

At Obubra which incidentally is in the Central, I became confused when I was shown the yellow maize farm. The confusion stem from the crop I saw that was predominant. I saw more of yam and very little of maize. Since I was not so keen about the Governor's activities in the South and Central, I proceeded further but I could not help but stole a glance at the ultra-modern Cocoa factory in Ikom. The shocking information I received had more far fetching effect on me than what I saw before my eyes. I was reliably told that the location of the factory was the designated route of the supposed superhighway. My informant went ahead to say that the factory belongs to the Governor's friend. 

When pressed further about who? He said that the said friend was gunning for a senatorial slot and from available feelers, the Governor was planning to anoint him his successor. I was startled and asked if this information could be verified as they were both weighty and more of accusation. His response was very embarrassing, "Oga, you pretend say you never hear am, no be una dey even they hear am sef before we. Abeg, leave that matter, na old story". 

Waoh, I have just been shot on the foot. I left quietly the way I came and he just laughed and went his way. But then, as I walked away, I could not help wondering at what just transpired between me and the young man. He left a lot to ruminate on that even my supposed journey was almost abandoned and could have been abandoned if I went alone. I pull myself together and said, "Yeah, I must surmount all odds". 
Not deterred by the revelation, I proceeded but with caution as I carefully avoided Yala LGA completely. 

Not that it was difficult to go there but having seen how the sanctity of human lives makes no meaning in the present dispensation at both the state and federal level, they will only be happy that I am gone. Believe you me, I am making sterling contributions to this state, nation and the world at large. If you know, you know.

At Ogoja which comprises of Igoli and Abakpa. I visited the Ultra-modern rice Factory and from what I saw, not much have been done. The place has the look of a one man business. I left more disappointed than I came.

Guess where I wanted to see more. Obudu road and the dualization process by Sydney Construction. I had rubbished every report as I wanted to see things for myself. Well! Well!! Well!!! Your guess is as good as mine.
Charity as we know begins at home and armed this truism, I was convinced that the seventh wonders of the world was what await me. Let me not talk too much, see pictures attached and judge how Obudu and Obanliku people have fared so far in the dualized road.

Machines seen were, one compactor, one grader, one water tanker, two dumpers and I asked, how? Why? And what? I lost my voice. I am still not back from the reverie. I have only been asking, God! Why? 

What I saw is beyond sad. The faces of the people told the whole story and I asked, will Governor Ayade be bold to go and ask this same people for their votes. I put forward this question to one Obudu man and he laughed and said, "He will come because he has no shame". I expressed my displeasure on the manner he addresses the Governor and he went further to say, "I will say this to his face". He threw a puzzle at me as a question. How come past Governors were always visiting the North yet the one we call our own has visited only once? I told him I was unaware. He laughed and said, you see, we were very happy to have our own occupying the number one seat in the state but I must confess it's been hell. The Governor is more concern with his immediate family. Can you imagine that he did not want this brown powder to pass through Hon. Paul Adah's village simply because Adah condemns what he does and has come out to contest against him? 

Who won't come out to contest with all these oddities we face every day? Young man, count yourself lucky that you came after it had rained, because you will have been browner or browny if there is anything like that he concluded. I was stunned.  
As usual, a motley band of political self-seekers, economic prostitutes and government apologists are available to aid and abet this tragic drama. How can this few machines do any meaningful job on a road of that magnitude? Mind you, the topography of the soil makes it easy for construction to be carried out with ease. Very few streams or no streams at all hence culverts are no issues but the company looks so unserious to me.

Could it be the reason(s) why he has not been going home? Every situation and available indices point at that. 

Let's watch as the drama unfolds