Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Where's the deep sea port you promised, C'river born fashionista task Ayade

A Lagos based, Cross River born Fashion Queen and CEO of MildaHenz Fashion and clothing line has tasked the State governor Professor Ben Ayade to deliver on his promise of providing a deep sea port for the good people of Cross River state.

The young, pretty looking C.E.O made this call on her social media handle Wednesday while addressing the state of the state.

In the post Miss Henshaw acknowledged the fact the provision of a Spaghetti flyover and the rice farm project were all welcome and innovative projects, but she insisted it is pertinent that the governor delivering on his swearing-in promise of building a deep-sea port that will help boost the economy of the state.

In her words: 
"Spaghetti Flyover, Dual Carriage Way, Rice Farm, good but can the Seaport receive an immediate/urgent attention? Even if its that one thing. The importance of this Seaport in the state cannot be over emphasised".

Recall that the governor on the 29th of May 2015 had announced his signature project to be a deep seaport and a super high way whrr he promised to give his right eye to ensure these projects saw the light of the day.

Today makes the governor three years and two months in office left with ten more months and there is no sight of a super highway nor a deep seaport save a mass of land where trees had been fell and local rumour has it that those logs had been sold. 

Many are speculating that the selling of those logs was actually the target and the purpose behind the super highway project,thus having sold the logs the super high way will never see the light of the day.