Wednesday, 1 August 2018

20 infallible reasons why Ikpi Ubana Eyong is the best choice for yakurr 1 state constituency

| 2nd August 2018 |  correspondent

Legislative business is more or less a profession that should be handled by professionals who are trained in the process of making and interpreting laws. One of the problem we are having today amongst our legislators is the fact that most of them are mere politicians whose godfathers manage to smuggle them into the legislature, upon getting this set of misfit politicians begin the process of first unlearning what they assumed legislating is all about, before they begin the entire process of learning the legislative business.

It was disheartening to hear from a reliable source that majority of the present house members of the Cross River state 8th Assembly spent almost their first two years in unlearning and learning the process of legislating. With this, one will agree that this will actually slow the pace of the legislature.

It is on record that the 8th Assembly has recorded great feat and has been adjudged by several national and international bodies as the best legislative house in Nigeria. This feat is not a mistake rather it can be attributed to the fact that, the speaker of the house has a legal background, being a practicing lawyer before delving into politics. I believe so much that if they were more lawyers in the CRSHA, the house would have done far greater than what it has achieved. 

Back to Yakurr 1, this particular state constituency according to constituents, has suffered  great set backs in the recent past especially in the last three years. And maybe this could be attributed to exposure of those who had represented the constituency. By exposure, I mean legislative and legal exposure.

In fact, in an interaction with a constituent who will not want to be disclosed, this is what he said;

"Bassey Eko Ewa was the first representative, and because he did well, he was elected to the Federal House of Representative. Although there are few complains about his performance at the Federal House, but he actually did well when he was at the state house, Mfawa Ofegobi took over from Bassey and his performance was average, but for the present Nelson Ofem, his performance is so poor that if our party decides to field him again, we will surely lose the election's to the opposition party".

It is based on the above that I am making this independent analysis of Barrister Ikpi Eyong's aspiration, with the aim of presenting him as the best bet for the PDP for Yakurr1 state house constituency.

Below are 20 infallible reasons why Ikpi Ubana is the candidate to beat in the 2019 state house  elections

20 reasons why Barr. Ikpi Ubana Eyong is the best option for Cross River State House of Assembly, Yakurr 1 Constituency.

1. He is a Lawyer with about 10 yrs post call experience. The House of Assembly being a Law making house needs lawyers like him and he will add value and quality to the activities in the house.

2. He is very humble and respectful. An epitome of humility indeed.

3. He is very accessible.

4. He is a youth, who can be a bridge between the young generation and the Elders.

5. He is a grass rooter and can win elections for his party without much stress.

6. He is very intelligent and his integrity is intact.

7. He is loved and respected by his people.

8. He is a giver and can share even his last kobo with anyone in need.

9. He can sacrifice for his people.

10. As a legal practitioner, he has helped a lot of his constituents by giving them free legal services. Especially the indigent once.

11. His candidacy will encourage and challenge the youths to behave properly, knowing that there is a reward for diligence and hard work. 

12. His candidacy will be enthroning a new era.

13. He is a team player who can sacrifice his personal interest in the wellbeing of his team. For instance, when he vied for Councillorship in 2013, even after he had spent money in the process, he gave up when the party settled for another candidate, he supported the party and the candidate monetarily. He even went ahead to mobilize for the success of the candidate.

14. As ward chairman, his ward produced the highest votes throughout the Local Government Area for his party, the PDP in the 2015 general elections. The people resolved to work for the party because everyone was comfortable working with him.

15. He will add value to the legislative activities of the 9th State Assembly.

16. His candidacy will enhance his parties chances of winning elections as he is generally accepted by his people.

17. He is a passionate person and has a passion for whatever he does. He will passionately deliver his people from ineffective leadership.

18. He is not hungry and not aspiring so as to feel his hungry stomach, rather his motivation is borne out of his passion to serve his people and he already has a blueprint of how to effect the needed change through legislation.

19. He has all it takes to bring to the table the much-needed dividends of good governance.

20. He is friendly, humane, he listens, takes correction, and above all, he is academically equipped and mentally prepared to represent his people and change the political narrative of his people.

Let us support Barr. Ikpi Ubana Eyong for Yakurr 1 Constituency, Cross River State House of Assembly.