Monday, 20 August 2018

2019: Ayade might stroll into Govt House again - CIDAI

2019:Ayade in a Comfortable Lead

Clear indications have emerged that Governor Benedict Ayade of Cross River will have an easy victory in the 2019 polls.  According to a reliable opinion poll conducted by an Abuja based NGO, Civic Duties Awareness Initiative, CIDAI, the renowned professor of Environmental Microbiology is leading the pack of gubernatorial hopefuls in the state by a wide margin.

The poll which was sponsored by freewill contributions from members of CIDAI, according to its Chief Executive, Ben Oyekunle, "has multiple objectives including predicting voters' behavior in the coming general elections and helping aspirants to weigh their chances before committing too much resources to electioneering." The Chief Executive of CIDAI disclosed to newsmen recently in Calabar that the poll employed the virtual questionnaire handed out to individuals across the state by field workers to get responses.

He further revealed that data from 3,600 respondents were analysed to arrive at the conclusions. The study, according to Mr. Oyekunle showed that though only a meager 531 of the respondents were card carrying members of any political party with 420 of them being PDP, a total of 2,882 stated their affiliation or sympathy for a political party out which 2,419 are PDP also.

Respondents were also asked to list three preferred aspirants in order of preference, while stating the reason for the choice. Oyekunle said a total of 3,015 including 40 from among those who were card carrying members of other parties picked Governor Ayade as the first choice for 2019 with another 157 putting him as second choice.

Reasons proffered by almost all respondents who picked Senator Ayade as their prime choice ranged from his performance in the area of industrialization, infrastructural development, and prompt payment of salaries and empowerment of the 
less privileged. Some also stated his brilliant leadership credentials as reasons for choosing 

Oyekunle added that "respondents were asked to choose among four adjectives: Fail, Fair, Pass and Excellent in assessing Ayade's administration in the last three years. 2,267 respondents gave him "Excellent" while another 1,200 gave him "Pass".

The conclusion, according to Mr, Ben Oyekunle is that a resounding victory awaits Professor Ben Ayade in the governorship elections next year.

Many political observers in the state agree with this position. Among them a university don present at the presentation of the poll result who craved anonymity. He said, "The governor took a different approach uncommon to elective office holders in Nigeria who start scheming for next election immediately they are sworn in. He works as if he this is his last opportunity to help Cross-Riverians. Now his works are speaking for him".