Monday, 20 August 2018

Cross River University of Flood and the plight of staff

Calabar, the Capital of Cross River State is said to have a beautiful landscape with the municipal area of the city being elevated while having a downward sloop to the Southern part of Calabar. Which gives the city a beautiful sight to behold from an aerial view.

This naturally beautiful landscape the state is blessed with seems to have turned out to be a course to those dwelling in the southern part of the city.

Naturally, due to the sloppy landscape of Calabar, when there is a downpour, water flows from the Northern part of Calabar and settles in the southern Calabar. This is no man's fault as it is only natural for the water to flow that way.

Previous administrations, especially that of Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke had tried to control the flow of water channeling it down to the Calabar the sea through Anatigha. 

Through the construction of a mega drainage system and a proper drainage channel constructed by the previous administration the menace of flooding that had been plaguing dwellers of southern Calabar had been curtailed, but due to increase in human activities, there's therefore, a strong need for government to look into the flooding and recurrent flooding menace that has not only claimed lives and properties but rendered many homeless while frustrating many as certificates and other precious valuables have been either destroyed or swept off by the flood.

One of the worst hit is the state's own University, Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH. The University is supposed to be a learning environment where both students and lecturers have a conducive learning and teaching environment, that is not the perfect case with CRUTECH as rainy seasons are actually not lectured friendly because the student will not have access into the school premises as there's usually a big pool of water right in front of the school's gate down to the Ekpo-Abasi junction. Traders and shop owners along that areas have severally lost lives and properties to the flood that pools around the junction.

According to a trader who sells provision shop by the gate, she lamented several Los stating that "the condition is so bad that the flood is high enough to move a jeep or gets a 6feet man up to his chest.'

With this, both students and staff can't go in either can those inside the school premises cone out. 

For the staff leaving in the quarters, theirs seems to be the worst as they struggle with the choice of either saving their children or their credentials and other valuables.

Thursday, 26th July 2018 will be a memory the life of both CRUTECH staff leaving in the quarters and their children.

According to one of the staff, who explained to our correspondent the situation of things. " it was about 2 am I woke up and discovered that we have been flooded. The water climbed the stairs and came in through the window. My brother at this point there was nothing we could do again because we were overtaken by the water the only thing I could do was to lift my one-year-old baby up and I stood in my room with the water up to my chest. I stood there with my baby up till about 6 am when the water started abating. That was when we were able to scoop the remaining one out'. He lamented.

In a telephone chat with the Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Owan Enoh, he told our correspondent that the situation is out of the schools to reach as there's absolutely nothing the school can do about it because the project is capital intensive and it's out of the school's financial jurisdiction.

When asked if there were any palliative measures the school could put up to assist staff who might have been rendered homeless by the constant flood, the Vice Chancellor of the University insisted that there's nothing the school can do.

Ukorebi Esien, telling the Nigerian story, one article at a time.