Sunday, 19 August 2018

Jeddy would have made a good Governor if... - Odidi

In recent times there have been rumors of Mr. Jeddy Agba, a one-time governorship aspirant in Cross River State warming up to tussle for the soul of Cross River State government house. 

Although there was a quick denial from Mr. Goddy's camp, but the rumor sure awoke some old wounds in the minds of Cross Riverians as it concerns the 2015 Gubernatorial elections where Mr. Goddy Agba was said to have betrayed his teeming supporters.

One of our correspondents stumbled on a piece on the personality and disposition of Mr. Jeddy Agba well crafted by Mr. Princewill Odidi and thought it wise to bring it your way.

The piece reads in full:

Commonly Called "Jeddy" 9 years later~ Princewill Odidi

Early in 2009 I had visited Abuja with some Americans. We were billed to meet a man they told us his name was Jeddy. I never knew him before then, but his name kept coming up in meetings we held in Atlanta prior to visiting  Nigeria. What I wasn't prepared for then, was that he was Cross Riverian. The last time I wrote a piece on someone was about 5 years ago when I wrote about Chief Kanu Agabi. So writing on my impression of others is not something I do very often. Let me also state that whenever you meet someone for the first time, in most cases that the first impression is the correct impression. 

So upon arriving Abuja I had visited his office then at NNPC towers all alone in preparation for the meetings. My visit was informal, just a familiarization visit, but I left with an impression which I will share with you, remember the first impression is always the right impression. 

While seated in his office, two incidents occurred which created an impression. First, a junior Staff walked in to inform him the newly appointed Minister of Petroleum then, as at 2009 wanted Jeddy to produce a graph display of the most recent crude oil sales and the Minister needed it immediately. 

Jeddy instructed the staff to get one ready and bring to him. Less than 5 minutes later, the staff brought an already prepared graph, Jeddy promptly asked, when was this done, the Staff responded, Sir it is barely 3 months ago, What surprised me was that Jeddy rejected the report, he insisted on getting a graph dated that day. 

This is very commendable because very few Nigerians are given to details. Point one, he caught my attention,
 he created an impression even though I never mentioned it. 

Still in his office, a few minutes later some group of cross Riverians working there at NNPC came to see him. They told him in a few days they were due to write managerial promotion exams. surprisingly Jeddy was a member of the Panel to administer the exams and promotion. 

He received them, but again he did something extraordinary. A typical Nigerian would have taken their names and said go home don't worry. Jeddy never did that, rather he said, I have heard you, go and prepare for the exams, you know it is a competition, try and put in your very best, I am your brother, where I can come in I will come in, but go and prepare for the exams. Point number two, he is a principled man when it comes to administration. I was very impressed with that. 

So when I read earlier today that he was contemplating running for the office of Governor, it was a breaking news, and when news later came that he refuted the claim it was still a breaking news. 

characteristically of our people and their normal drawdown mentally, after the 2015 Governorship race which he stepped down due to ill health, many continue to write and gossip negative things about him, which to an extent created a negative impression about him in the minds of young people, but let me use this medium to correct that impression, Jeddy is not what most people on social media tag him to be, take it from me, he is exceptionally smart and intelligent, a kind, humane and organized administrator, if he had continued on his ambition to run for office he would have done well, and very well. He exhibits what we call Compassionate leadership. 

He has a listening ear, he protects his own people and he fights the battles of others as though it is his own. For lack of a better description, I will call him a  Quintessential Gentleman  !!! Goddy Jedy Agba!

Princewill Odidi is a social affairs Commentator writing from Atlanta USA.