Tuesday, 7 August 2018

John Gaul Lebo: An asset to Abi/Yakurr in the Green Chamber

By Jecho Ije
In the words of James Lee Valentine "If you seek to understand the whole universe you will understand nothing at all. But if you seek to understand yourself, you will understand the whole universe".

The man in context understands himself and admits his weaknesses as no one is without flaws. Hon Lebo, John Gaul is a patient and kind listener with soothing words to comfort a depressed soul. Pragmatism is part of him as a solution architect. He's found his ultimate life's purpose in building leaders with maximum exuberance of passion for attaining their heart's desire. 

Aside his wealth of knowledge in law practice and interpretation, he is highly intelligent and exposed to frustration of governments effort to place her citizens on the vantage padestal. Hon John, is  a policy maker with personal strength in alignment to achieve a magnificent purpose.

Rt. Hon John Gaul Lebo is simple and very approachable, God fearing and solely dependent on him for direction in all things including political venture, his regard for the aged is commendable, always on the lookout for the potentials in young ones.

 I encourage constituents of Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency to support the New Direction team  let's support and Instal the Voice of John Gaul lebo  in the Green Chamber.