Friday, 3 August 2018

John Gaul's led PDP speakers forum welcomes defecting APC members to PDP

2nd July, 2018

Press Release

The PDP Speakers' Forum heartily welcomes Speakers and members of Benue, Sokoto and Kwara State Houses of Assembly who recently defected back to the PDP family.

" Your decisions to defect purely demonstrate that you are  committed to salvaging an acutely ailing nation under the dehumanizing an draconian grip of the APC.

"There is no sacrifice greater than this. You have proven yourselves to be men of valour, worthy patriots and heroes of the time."

The PDP Speakers' Forum is willing and positioned to work with everyone to ensure that the country returns to the glorious path of democracy where Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law are the orders of the day; where the rights, privileges, security and the welfare of the people are guaranteed priorities.

Rt. Hon (Barr) John Gaul Lebo
Chairman PDP Speakers' Forum & Speaker Cross River State House of Assembly