Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Nigerian man allegedly connives with doctor to remove wife's womb

Simbiat Ayoola 2018-08-22
A Nigerian man has been accused of removing his wife's womb without her consent
- He allegedly connived with their doctor to remove her womb
- The man claimed he did so because his wife was having too much kids
A shocking story about a married couple has gone viral on Twitter and it has received outrageous reactions. The story was shared on Twitter by a Nigerian medical doctor identified simply as Olufunmilayo.
The medical doctor revealed that he heard the story from a friend whose mother goes to the same church with the couple.
According to Olufunmilayo, the man had allegedly removed his wife's womb because they have five children.
The Twitter user revealed that the man connived with his doctor to remove his wife's womb just because she continues to have children.
Olufunmilayo who was shocked by the story he shared, also revealed a screenshot claiming that the husband argued that he owns his wife and her organs