Sunday, 26 August 2018

Our democracy in trouble, Nigerians don't know why they vote - Princewill Odidi

By Princewill Odidi

Our democracy is in trouble. Our voting population appears not to know why they even vote. Stop a Swidish and ask him his political opinion and why he votes, he will tell you he does not support the cross border immigration policy so he will vote out the government, stop a Briton and ask same question he will tell you I vote conservative because I want the British to quite EU, stop the average American on the streets and ask him why he votes, he will talk about open mexican boarder, he will tell you about same sex Marraige, he will tell you I vote democrats because I want to maintain social security and Public health insurance programs, but stop a Nigerian and ask him how he will vote, he fails to talk about the issues because he is ignorant of the policy issues that shapes social outcomes, a typical nigerian will rather talk about the person not the policy. 

His answer rather will be I don't want Buhari, he is making things hard. If you press harder and ask, how is Buhari making things hard, he will go ahead and tell you how things were cheap during Jonathan. Some will even tell you he has carried all nigeria money to the north. Some would a bowl of garri was cheaper during Jonathan than now. We have reduced our politics into Amala and Ewedu, salt and maggi instead issues that reflects outcomes. 

An average Nigerian voting electorate is very ignorant and clueless of the issues which should influence change of government even the educated once. 

Citizens participation in democracy does not only mean you have to vote, it also means you have to understand the issues and use your votes to determine how policies will shape your future. 

Our promotion of persons rather than issues is what fuels ethnicity and religion as determinant factors in our democracy rather than Class and economic policies. We can change our country if more of our people are enlightened.

Sometimes while thinking aloud, I ask myself if democracy in nigeria as copied may have been a mistake. 

If we must copy, we should learn to paste correctly.