Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Sakari sets to vacate office... Gives condition

Senate President Bukola Saraki has said that he is not desperate to hold on to his seat as he is willing to vacat vacate office as President of the senate if only due process is followed where a 2/3 majority of NASS votes him out.

Saraki said during a world press conference on Wednesday in Abuja that any attempt to illegally change Senate leadership would not work.

"The attempts to effect an illegal change of the leadership of the Senate shall be resisted. I thank the EU, CSOs, among many others for coming up against this.

"I must mention Hon. Boma Goodhead, the member of the House of Representatives who dared the DSS men to shoot her. ‎I thank the Acting President for acting swiftly to restore the image of our country."

"However, the attempt for damage control so far is not enough. This is something that has been planned for months, and it wasn't prevented. We call for a thorough investigation into the matter."

"It is only a sincere investigation that can unravel the true situation of what happened. This is not the change we voted for.‎"

"Security agencies must remain neutral. Heads of government agencies must remain accountable and transparent. On our part, we'll remain committed to a country governed by the rule of law.‎‎"

"Today, if any of our members expresses lack of confidence in any of us, we will leave," he said