Saturday, 11 August 2018

Speaker Lebo of CRSHA leads campaign for Obudu rerun as PDP expects victory

Just as the campaign heats up for the by-election into the Cross River State House of Assembly, for the Obudu rerun. 

The Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt Hon, John Gaul Lebo made a grand campaign tour to Obudu local government along side some highly placed PDP members. 

He went in the company of his entourage to different wards campaigning in favour of his party for the forthcoming by-election, notably among the council wards visited includes Abonkimb in Obudu Urban and Atekpe.

Hon John Gaul gave cogent reasons why his party candidate remains the best person for the job, his convincing words lightened the faces of the crowd present and left them beaming with satisfaction and enthusiasm to return back the party to the legislative chamber's.

It is public knowledge that the Cross river State House of Assembly is arguably a People Democratic Party (PDP) House, with all members belonging to same political party, which doubles as the nation's opposition party as well.

The campaign tour of the honourable Speaker of the State House of Assembly, in the support of the People Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the rerun election, for Obudu  state constituency seat, is believed to be a big boost to the party's candidate.

With the spate of recent defection rocking the polity especially among legislators, it is obvious the State House remains one of the strong holds of the PDP within the South South region.

Victor Adaha