Saturday, 11 August 2018

Tourism Commissioner allegedly behind emergence of new factional exco in C'river AGN

According to information reaching our newsroom, the Cross River State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Eric Anderson is alleged to have instigated the emergence of a parallel state executive for the Actors Guild of Nigeria for the Cross River State chapter.

The information has it that pandemonium had erupted in the guild since 2014 when a travel documentary filmmaker and international video journalist in the person of Obaji Abung-Akpet moved a revolutionary motion during a well-attended meeting
of the guild for the suspension of the executive citing colossal misappropriation of funds by the then executive led by Mr. Eric Anderson(current Commissioner of Culture and Tourism). had reported that immediately after the suspension of Anderson's led exco, precisely on the 15th of February 2014, Mr. Anderson had sought for a re-election where was defeated by Monica Udofia as was recognized by the National leadership of the guild.

In his usual manner of lawlessness and lack of respect to the rule of law and constituted authorities, Anderson's failed re-election bid did not go down well with him hence he constituted a factional executive for the guild on the 18th of February of the same year, to be headed by Maureen Ekpenyong.

At this point, Anderson due to his political ambition had completely stepped out of the scene to face his House of Assembly Electoral bid which he later failed to achieve but was compensated with an appointment as the state commissioner for Culture and Tourism.

Anderson, in his unstable nature, was at some point said to have publicly shunned the Ekpenyong's led exco which he personally planted to root behind the  Udofia's led state exco. It was actually obvious that even when he finally came to his senses that he was wrong to have come up with a parallel Executive for the guild and decided to align with the authentic exco, he still couldn't dissolve the factional exco he created because just has the business advise has it "he hired a man he could not fire" as Miss Ekpenyong, the leader of the factional exco became more power drunk than Anderson originally anticipated. 

Several years later, precisely in 2017, Joe Esse, a popular filmmaker and an understudy of Jetta Amata indicated interest to unseat the Udofia led factional state Exco through an election where he was thrashed and defeated in what was unanticipated but recorded as a spitting landslide victory.

Recently, Esse came back with his election bid to topple Udofia's tenure that is yet to conclude its tenure, in order to achieve his mischievously conceived goal, he decided to align with Ekpenyong's faction where a purported secret election was conducted on the 17 of July this year and as anticipated Esse emerged unopposed. 

The election which was only made public some day ago has 
Joe Esse as it's chairman, 
Queen Zoey Ansa 
Vice Chairperson
Moses Ekpedeme 
Starro Eno 
Public Relations officer
John Udang 
Financial Secretary
Ekpo Daniel
Director of Guild Services
Effiowan Ekpenyong 
Chief Whip
Arikpo Williams 
Raymond Ngboma 
Assistant Secretary

The faction secret election held at Etaval Hotel in Calabar as it claims to be in alignment with Emeka Rollas led national AGN administration.  

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