Sunday, 16 September 2018

11 infallible reasons why Ndoma - Egba's Senatorial bid should be supported

Politics or elections are chiefly concerned with representation and as such every constituency or political geographically located groups will from time to time seek to ensure that they have capable hands to represent them at all levels.



This is to ensure that they don't miss out of whatever is their due and development is entrenched in their constituency. 


It is not news to say that legislative functions require experience and longevity in the house and with this, the constituency will not only have an effective representation but a voice that can attract through lobbying and other legislative strategies juicy projects and Federal government to his people.



This is why we leaders and members of the Integrity Group have articulated these unassailable reasons why former Leader of the Senate should be voted for as a Senator to represent Cross River Central in the 2019 general elections in the country. 



The reasons read thus: 



1.  It will correct the injustice visited on him in the 2015 elections and the harm brought upon Cross River State by that denial.


It should be recalled that Sen. Victor Ndoma Egba was cut off from legislative politics at the prime of his political career, just at the time when the stuff he was made up of started flourishing and Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike were beginning to align with his leadership style.  It is therefore only reasonable to return him so as to amend that great act of injustice meted to him.




2. He will be a 4 time Senator and having been a Senate Leader brighten the chances of Cross River State having a Senate President. Looking at the dynamism of Politics one cannot but accept the fact that anything can happen and as such prepares himself for such opportunities.

If the odds in the 9th Senate Favours the south, Sen. Ndoma Egba will be one of the most qualified if not the only,  therefore it behooves on us to send him back to the senate so not to jeopardize our chance of producing a senate president or a key office holder in the 9th senate.



3. As Senator, he impacted positively on people and communities and less on welfare handouts that never change anything. He's people-oriented haven spoken in diverse fora and in respect of reform of the Nigeria Police Act, which came into effect on April 1, 1943, and has essentially been unchanged since that time. In May 2009, he accused the Action Congress party of delays in listing the 37 Local Council Development Areas in Lagos State in the constitution. Representative Bola Gbabijo refuted these charges.



4.  He is an embodiment of stability, always in total control of himself.


5.  His performance as Senate Leader was exceptional. 

He was the best during the Seventh Assembly by reason of the number of bills he sponsored and motions moved, according to reports Ndoma-Egba sponsored and co-sponsored 38 Bills most of which have become Acts of the National Assembly including the famous Freedom of Information Bill. He was instrumental in the framing of the now famous "Doctrine of Necessity" and having served for three terms representing Cross River Central in the Nigerian Senate - (2003–2007; 2007 -2011; and 2011–2015 he's most likely to be the Senate President from Cross River State He was Deputy Leader of the 6th Senate (2007-2011) and Leader of the Senate (2011-2015).



6.  His chairmanship of NDDC brought so many dividends to Cross River State. Having been Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Calabar Branch, and President of the Calabar Chamber of Commerce. He has also been Director of the Cross River Basin and Rural Development Authority, and Honourable Commissioner for Works & Transport, and is presently the Chairman of the Board of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Senator Ndoma-Egba is a member of Senate committees on Upstream Petroleum Resources, Human Rights and Legal Matters, and Information and Media, and is deputy chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Nigerian Senate.



7.  He is a bridge builder of exceptional quality. 


8.  He is the most trusted Cross Riverian by Mr. President and the Presidency. Remember the display of the photograph of Mr. President and him that was taken in the 80's soon after the President's victory by the Presidents' Campaign Organisation ? 


9.  He is a perfect gentleman who is never desperate for power. Also 

He's a gentleman who has traversed the world as a leader and has built international connections spreading his tentacles across the length and breadth of Nigeria and beyond. With laurels, including the prestigious Officer of the Federal Republic and Commander of the Order of the Niger and several chieftaincies/traditional titles having been listed in the Africa Who's Who. In 2004, was honored with the revered Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Israel and the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Leadership Award in Accra, Ghana.


10. Nigeria's Senate needs his wealth of experience and personal attributes. He is an experienced legislator who had been elected since the 5th (2003–2007) National Assembly representing Cross River Central Senatorial District and was reelected in 2007 for a further four-year term. He was Deputy Leader of the 6th Senate (2007-2011) and Leader of the Senate (2011-2015). Should he return, he could emerge the Senate President


11.  He is exceptionally brilliant.

He's given to education so much so that from his stipend in private legal practice, beginning from the early 80s in the cascading shadow of Ogoja in Cross River State, Ndoma-Egba started a scholarship scheme for indigent students which he has sustained for more than three decades. This scheme has churned out hundreds of graduates from first degrees to Ph.D's from Nigerian Universities on an annual basis.