Tuesday, 4 September 2018

2019 gubernatorial ticket: 32 Reasons why Sen. Owan should not be APC's flag bearer

As the 2019 general elections draws near with the APC primaries by the Conner, concern Cross Riverian within and outside the All Progressives Congress, APC have began to raise serious concerns as to why the gubernatorial ambition of Sen. John Owan Enoh should not be accepted by party faithfuls, urging the party to deny the senator the party's gubernatorial ticket.

The concerned citizens did not stop at their request but went further to Marshall out reasons why the party should do their bindings.  From different scattered pieces of write ups shared on various platforms, TDN was able to pick no less than 32 reasons as outlined by Cross Riverians.

The reasons are listed below:

1. He has spent 20years in politics without maintaining a single friend all through.

2. Owan is an Ethnic bigot that will use the divide and rule method in ruling the state.  His alleged statement against the Efiks is typical example. 

See what he said concerning the Efiks:

"I am an Ejagham man. I don't need the vote of Efik people who are loud-mouthed, few in population with mediocre but overhyped culture. They lack the numbers to determine who becomes governor of Cross River State. Even in Calabar, I will win because the whole of Calabar Municipality is Ejagham. They will vote for me as one of their own.

"So, any Efik person who does not want to vote for me, Owan can keep his or her vote. I will win without the Efiks

3. Owan does not patronise local and indeginous business men. How is he intending to grow the economy when he has no time for businessmen in the state. A typical example is his campaign materials that were all printed outside the state.  Imagine how many millions of Naira that have gone into strange hands whereas we have good printers in the state who would have given him nothing less than what he got outside.  
4. He makes new friends during every election using money only to dump them immediately after winning.
5. He has made billions as Chairman of Finance and Appropriation, yet no Cross Riverian has been helped by him, except with handouts and low paid jobs.
6. In all 20 years, he has assisted no Cross Riverian to secure a political appointment of note.
7. He blocks Cross Riverians from having good appointments.
8. After 20 years, no Obubra or Etung politician of note is still his follower because they have discovered his wickedness and ambition to be the only one.

9. He connived with contractors to deny his community the only NDDC road project. There is thus no road to his village today.
10. He appears humble but is extremely proud and looks down on the poor and elders.
11. He is the Mugabe of Cross River State politics who will prefer to die in power or be forced out and calls those he dishes out handouts endemic parasites and liabilities. 20 years in power is too much with nothing to show in the State.
12. 4a He gets richer as those who receive his pittance get poorer. Take a close look everywhere to confirm this. Cross River State will be poorer as he becomes even richer as governor.
13. He is Mr. Use and Dump. He is Mr. Block Others. He is Mr. Proud.

 14. He supported Etim John to be State Chairman, then dumped him.
15.  After supporting Achigbe to be Chairman he started campaigning against him a second time.
16. The Party was wise to reject his move against Achigbe. When he knows that he cannot control you, he dumps you.
17.  He has ambition to extend his control even to constituencies and Local Governments with natural leaders such as Governor Ebri and Senator Ndoma-Egba.
18. These are signs of a Power Monger who will be ruthless if he is given power.
19 Sen. Owan Enoh knows he will not win the 2019 Governorship elections.
20. He wants the Governorship ticket to negotiate a Ministerial appointment to prepare for 2023.
21. He is still in serious links with Gov. Liyel Imoke and PDP.
22. Sen. Enoh will be the first person to abandon APC for the Saraki's and Tambuwals. His name has been conspicuous on their list.
23. Sen. Enoh is a mole planted in APC by PDP.
24. The Governorship ticket is only a survival strategy to elongate his hold on power.
25. The Governorship ticket will only serve his interest and not that of the Party.
26. Why support someone who is trading his known failure for our collective future?

27. Sen. John Owan Enoh will make APC an enemy of Cross River State by destroying the zoning arrangement of the State.
28. Governorship has been zoned to the Northern Senatorial District and Sen. Owan Enoh is from Central which has enjoyed 10years of democratic rule (Gov. Ebri 2 years, Gov. Imoke 8 years). The Central Zone is least favoured to produce a Governor in 2019.  
29. He calls his own core supporter, Prince Ebuta Ayuk (Fmr. National Chairman of ANPP) an endemic parasite.
30. He is a use and dump politician. He abandons you the moment he gets what he wants. If National Leaders of APC had played this kind of politics would we have had a vibrant Vice President, Ministers, Governors, etc today?
31. A man (Sen. Owan Enoh) who heartlessly refused to pick calls from his best friend (Hon. Simon Nkoro) who was lying critically ill in the hospital until he passed on a week ago.
32. How will President Buhari allow Sen. Owan Enoh a chance  when he is boasting everywhere that his friend, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, will win the 2019 Presidential Elections and all of them will return to run government?