Monday, 24 September 2018

I don't have a godfather in Politics, so nobody can control me, Nyong to electorates

| 24 September 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

High Chief (Prof) Eyo Etim Nyong a front line aspirant under the auspices of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Sunday told electorates in Bakassi and Akpabuyo Local Government areas that he is in the gubernatorial race to rebuild the state as a self-sponsored aspirant with no political godfather and as such will not be under the control of anybody except God and  his passion for service when he becomes governor.

Nyong who made this known while on a campaign tour for the forthcoming party primaries slated for 29th of September 2018 also said he is not in the race to increase his income level.

"I come here with passion for service, I am not here to increase my income level, those who know me know that God has blessed me sufficiently, and that same God has used me to bless a few people. I am coming here on my own I am not sponsored by anybody, I don't have a godfather in politic. When we succeed tomorrow nobody will control me, what will control me is God and my love for my people that is what will control me. He said.

"Anybody who wants to lead must be ready to make sacrifice, So my outing is based on my personal sweat. I repeat it, I have no sponsor. He added.

Professor Nyong reiterated the need for community development while ensuring that the populace are well sheltered and have foods on their tables. These he said his administration will look into.

"We have to build our communities. Charity begins from home. I am not interested in super highway, I am nor interested in deep sea port, when my people do not have roof over their heads when my people do not have food on their tables,
when there's is no good healthcare, when there's nothing to show. And I am bragging about deep sea port, I am bragging and showing pictures of none existing facilities.

"And let me inform you that I will not be the type of governor that wakes up from my sleep to say I dreamt about so and so projects in Akpabuyo. I am the type of governor that will sit with you in a town hall meeting and agree on what projects that you need and those are the projects that we will implement. 

"I want to assure the people of Akpabuyo that I have a lot of passion for you. I know the natural and human resources that God has kept in this domain that has been abandon over the years, it will not continue to happen. 

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