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Ikom/Boki has collapsed, with experience and capacity, I can salvage the system - Chris Eta

| 24 September 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

A former Federal lawmaker and currently a major contender for the Ikom/Boki Federal job in the National Assembly, come 2019, Hon. Chris Eta has reaffirmed his unflinching commitment to rebuild the collapsing Ikom/Boki federal Constituency if voted into office.

Hon. Eta who spoke with our correspondent in a telephone conversation over the weekend, said the system has collapsed and it's appalling that the present political class has embraced the rottenness and violence that is been perpetrated within the federal constituency.

He lamented that violence and bloodshed have taken over the land and political leaders are being rumored to be behind these happenings. He went further to decry the situation stating that it is obvious that the present political class lacks full understanding of what government should be.

According to him; "When you look at our constituency today, with emphasis on Boki, you will notice that the current leadership probably do not seem to understand what governance is, Boki has collapsed. 

"There are so many guns, so much violence around the Boki environment and it is perceived to be orchestrated, assisted, protected, supported and assisted by the political class. 

"We can not continue to allow such behavior to permeate the society, we cannot continue to allow such attitude within the Boki environment. Because as you continue to do that rather than esimerate it's going to It's going to compound.

"The society has challenges, Children are growing up they are seeing their brothers who went to school yet do not have a job, but the one who didn't go to school, because of a gun have become the king in the community 

"And for the political class,  this has become a way of life. The current political class is embracing these people, they are accepting this behavior. We really need to do something about this. He said.

Hon. Chris, therefore, emphasized that the only solution to these problems facing the constituency is to change the present face of political leaders and bring in new breed like himself who are experienced and have the capacity to restore both peace and create a wealthy environment for constituents.

He pointed out that the constituent needs men of character and humility who understand real governance to change the fortunes of the constituency, stating that power is the ability to influence the people positively, "unfortunately, Boki is collapsing and I think we should let it so". 

"I understand what governance is, I know the architecture of governance, I know what we can design, a governance mechanism that we can introduce to put our constituency forward 

"I have been there before and I moved very positive bills, many were not signed by the then President because he got caught up with many political issues that came up within that period.  We will keep pushing until we move Nigeria forward. I understand how we can create better governance than what we have today. I know what we can designed and chat that can put the system forward. I have so many bills that we are going to push. The ones we pushed before that didn't scale through, because we know what to push.

"We need to push from there, by pushing, we can create a dent from that dent we can create a shinning hole, from where we can create a window.

"The last we served, we served conscientiously. In my first appearance, we did a lot of things, which could be seen in a different shade, and my testimonial will be based on whom you ask and the person' s perception about me. Some will tell you we did  a lot of things others will argue but the truth still remains that several persons benefited from my education empowerment scheme where 15 persons were sent to Israel to study Marine Geology and nautical engineering, other we sent to South Korea for their masters degree and currently many have returned to do their Ph D. 

"Healthcare projects were not left out, as we provided several jobs and empowered our local farmers as well has secured jobs for many of our young persons. He enumerated.

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