Sunday, 30 September 2018

my disqualification rumour is a good omen for me - Chris Agara

| 30 September 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

A front line aspirant for a seat at the hallowed Red Chambers of the National Assembly seeking to represent Central Senatorial District of Cross River, Barr. Chris Agara has said that he was never disqualified by his party the People's Democratic Party, PDP to run the election as the rumour of his disqualification is a good omen to him stating that it has helped in futher boosting his campaign, giving him free publicity.

Barr. Agara made this known while addressing newsmen at the Magret Ekpo International airport, Calabar shortly after he returned from Abuja on Sunday, 30th September 2018. 

According to the senatorial hopeful  "I was never disqualified there were just some issues that needed clarification which has been done. There were rumours that I didn't attach tax receipt to the form I filled and submitted for screening if you ask me that was not supposed to be an issue because I had my tax clearance certificate from both Rivers and Cross River States that was attached to my form".

"And you all know that you don't get text clearances if you don't pay your tax, you have to get the receipt first before they can issue you the tax clearance. I also have one in Rivers state that's a payee clearance. Because in my company I am on allowance and I pay tax just as every other employee so that does not require any way a tax clearance. 

Speaking further Barr Agara said although he has not seen the report against him but it was mischievous for anybody to have done such,  stating that going by a supreme court judgement that said tax issues are not strong enough reasons to disqualify an elective office seeking aspirant. Agara wondered why anybody will want to be so mischievous against him. 

"To me that's a miachieve, if you ask me by anybody who may have done such a report.  Like I said I have not seen it myself. There's a supreme court judgement where it was clearly said that tax cases are not the basis of dertmaining of withdrawing the candidature of a person.To me this are all rumours. I don't see any reason why I should be disqualified, so I was told my clearance certificate with me is still valid. 

"So nobody has disqualified me am still in the race. My chances of clinching the party's ticket are brigther and better than before.  You know sometimes somethings happen for their own reason, they probably put you in public domain much more than it was supposed to be, so I think this is a good omen for me and I am very much confident like before and even beyond that I am going to win. 

Agara, however, expressed fear that the elections might be rigged as he advised, both his party and officials of the independent Electoral Commission INEC to ensure the election is free and fair,  stating when that is done then the new PDP everybody yeans for would be birthed. 
He said, should the election be free and fair, then he surely will emerge the winner.

Finally he advised his supporters to be resolute and steadfast.

"The election should be free and fair, the delegates should be allowed to make their choice, the election, if the process is free and fair off course the public will see it and then that will be the begining of the new PDP we are talking about. Its should be a fair contest and I know if that is done in that line I will definitely emerge. 

"We are capacity and we will definitely show our capacity at the pools. Nobody can stop the moving train. 

"And when the wind is blowing towards a particular direction you can't stop it. So God and nature has asked that the wind should blow our direction and that where we are going therefore I urge everyone to remain statefast. He concluded. 

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