Sunday, 2 September 2018

Prof Eyo Nyong officially declares to contest for the Gubernatorial race

High Chief (Prof.) Eyo Etim Nyong a grass root politician and a political heavy weight in Cross River state has officially made his intention to gun for the number one seat in the state public. 

Speaking at the declaration ceremony Saturday, 1st October 2018, at the main bowl of the Cultural Center complex, Calabar, the estwhile NDDC boss in the state said  his entry into the race while there is a sitting governor is a democratic feature which calls for a sober reflection by all and sundry on the present state of governance in Cross River State.

Stating that he is therefore offering himself as a sacrificial lamb ready to restore good governance in Cross River State if elected governor in 2019.

"You'll agree that governance has been broken down, thus exposing Cross River State to an unwarranted quantum sufferings. I have no choice to present myself as a sacrificial lamb to the rescue of our dear State and collectively, we can do it, come 2019."

According to him, "the present situation in Cross River calls for unity of purpose across political party lines to salvage what is left of our dear state before it drifts into Oblivion".

However, he added, "a replete of historical literature lends credence to the fact that in all social change struggle, there  must be an elite stakeholders, corroborating the view of the Irish philosopher and political theorists, Edmund Burke who postulates that the triumph of evil, is only when good people do nothing".

The Governorship Aspirant said the overall vision of his proposal will be to target SDGs and attract international supports to build the state.

He said is governance will focus on "wealth creation, Agriculture, education, health, environmental and waste management, tourism, security, provision of infrastructures, women and Youths development/empowerment, empowerment of physically challenged and disabled persons, pension and gratuity, information and communication, and good governance." 

On his part, the Cross River State APC Party Chairman, Dr. Matthew Ojong Achigbe advised the members present to take PEEN declaration seriously. "I want to appeal that all of you must take this declaration seriously, so that we'll be able to know those that'll be carrying our party flag after Primaries."

He added that, "The Primaries are going to be very challenging and brief. So, everyone needs to gather resources. The best thing is that, we are conducting direct Primaries and not indirect Primaries."

Dr. Achigbe thanked the Aspirant for declaring to run as Governor under the umbrella of the APC. "For Professor Eyo Etim Nyong, thank you for declaring and all your activities will be all over Cross River State. "We don't have any party time in our hands to waste. With this event, we are going to kick our campaign running immediately. The time that is left for us is very short. Please ensure that APC is written in the heart of our mothers, fathers, and children", he said.

Another political heavy weight in the state, Prince Bassey Otu said they are various challenges the state is facing and Etim Nyong is capable of them all. "He is totally capable of the challenges in Cross River State."

He added that, "APC has come to do the right thing, for never in the history of Cross River State have we benefitted from the Federal Government like in the APC government."

Speaking about the oneness of the party, Prince Otu said, "APC is not divided – we have one solid APC. In any family, at times they can be disagreement, but when it comes to fight, they come together to fight. What we are fighting today is the battle of liberation, to liberate our people from poverty and bad governance."

The Director General of Eyong's Campaign Organisation and former minority leader in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Alex Irek said, "Prof. Etim Nyong has worked very hard for this party and that's why I am telling everyone here today that as we walk out of here, the word that should be in out mouth should be 'Professor Eyo Etim Nyong for Governor of Cross River State'."

Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong's declaration was endorsed by Buhari Youth Organisation, Market Women Group, and over 8 other political groups.

Ukorebi Esien blogs for TDN where he tells the Nigerian story one article at a time just the way it is without fear or favour