Friday, 28 September 2018

Prof. Nyong gives hint of plans for Youths in C'river as Northern youth leaders pledges support.

| 28 September 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

A heavy weight contender for the office of Cross River State Governor, High Chief(Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong has given a hint of the programmes he has for the youths when he becomes the governor of the state come 2019.

While addressing a full house of ward youth leaders in Ogoja LGA, Prof. Nyong told them that it will only take the special intervention of a right thinking government who is committed to the cause of the youth to strategically proffer solutions to the problems facing Nigerian youths in CRS.

Nyong who is running under the All Progressive Congress, (APC)  went on to intimate the youths that solving the problem of Nigerian youths is not all about appointments and handouts to carter for burials, child dedications,  house rents and other daily needs but creating avenues where the hidden potentials and talents of youths can be hanhessed to level where the youth can meet his needs as they come and also meet that of others around him.

"It will take the specific intervention of a government that is open-minded and willing to reach out to people to solve the problem of our youths. It's not all about handouts, It's not all about appointments. Youths should be empowered to a level where they can also reach out to others instead of perpetually dependending on elders.  

"Cross River youths are talented and gifted in different areas, these talents needs to be harnessed and horned for productivity. When we set up a proper structure for a wholistic and modernised educational system,  where vocational training/skills acquisition and other forms of human development strategies shall be key components, then we can build a generation of youths who are focused and self-reliance.

" I strongly believe this will go a long way in reducing crimes and thuggery. 

Imagine A young man who has been trained in Computer Repairs and Maintenance and he is given some seed capital to setup something for himself, that young man will not be seen roaming the streets again, thahe will be focused in his business, and gradually raise a family, he too will now be an employer of labour as such he can also reach out to others.

The friendly Professor of Petroleum geology added that youth participation in his government is sancrosant as they have a vital role to play in any given society. 

While addressing issues associated with rural women, the passionate father of all had this to say: 

"My heart bleeds whenever I see our market women suffer with meager volumetrades, we need a government that can boost their trade, reduce their taxes and assist their children in school, as well provided good healthcare facilities for proper medication them. 

"Our farmers need to be assisted with seeds/seedlings, equipment and the right kind of technology for greater yields while we ensure they have good road networks for proper transportation of their farm produce to the marketplace. 

"It is the duty of a right thinking government who mean well to create the enabling environment for processing and exportation of some of the produce from our farms, ranging from cocoa to cassava, rice, yam etc. When we set up all these structure ensuring that our people can afford three square meals a day and a roof over their heads, then we can now talk of super high ways.  He concluded. 

Earlier the youths through their leader and Spoke person had pledged their unalloid  support for Professor Nyong stating that having traverse the length and breath of the state, taking a deep survey Inyo all the various aspirants for the party's gubernatorial ticket they are convinced that Professor Nyong is the only man who can rescue and rebuild the state.  

He added that Nyong's goodwill and integrity is the reason they have chosen to dance to his tune.

" We as youth leaders we have decided to support your intention to run for the governorship seat of the state.
It has never never been told that any aspirant visits Ogoja and the entire youths of Ogoja visited him to pledge their support to him,  but here we are today,  pledging to support and work with you to deliver your mandate to our people this is because of your integrity and goodwill, that is why we have chosen to dance to your tune". He said.