Sunday, 2 September 2018

Why I chanted PDP three times during Nyong's declaration - APC chairman

| 3rd September 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

The newly sworn in APC chairman in Cross River State Dr. Mathew Achigbe was on three different occasions caught chanting the name of the ruling party in the state, PDP while addressing party men and other dignitaries during the official declaration of intent to contest for the position of Governor of Cross River State by High Chief (Prof.) Eyo Etim Nyong held in Calabar recently.

The embattled chairman was first caught at the beginning of his speech where he mistakenly chanted PDP, in place of APC. This mistaken chant saw the crowd shouting and booing at him. The shouts from the crowd which distorted his speech made him to become conscious of his mistake. At this point he had to stop his speech took a deep breath and tried to explain why he shouted "PDP".

While trying to give explanations for his mistake he again unconsciously addressed his party the "All Progressive Congress" as the All People's Congress.

The confused chairman at the end of his speech tried again to give reasons for chanting PDP at the beginning of his speech which for the third time he was found Shouting PDP.

In his explanation, Dr. Mathew Achigbe said right from when he walked into the hall, PDP had been on his mind and just as an oppressed will always be looking for ways to get rid of his oppressor, therefore he had also been thinking of ways to get rid of PDP in the state thus his unconcious chant of PDP.

In his words:
"What was in my mind was how we can kill the other party permanently. That is the last time you will ever hear the word 'P'. 

He went on in his address as he said the following;

"The chairman of the occasion. Ambassador Joseph T Ayambem,   the aspirant Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong, our great leader chief Wilfred Inah in fact he is like a saint in the history of Cross River State and a great asset to our party All People's Congress, APC"

Just as he was about ending his explanation with an APC chant, he again fell for his oppressor by beginning the chant with P... D.... just when he had urtered the letter 'D' at that instance  he came to his consciousness and he retrieved his words as he correctly chanted APC to the cheering of the crowd. 

Addressing newsmen at the close of the event when asked why he consistently chanted an opposition party during a significant party event of this magnitude, the controversial chairman had this to say;

"It was not a chant, I have a right to start my speech anywhere, if you have been in PDP,  if you had experienced PDP in this place and you know what is and is the truth and what's governance is, there's no way you will not try to and like a woman in travail you can shout as much as possible. 

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