Monday, 1 October 2018

Cross River State Politics: To defeat APC in 2019, Ayade needs PDP as a Party.

As days ceremoniously walk through like a maiden expecting the advances of suitors, as the State grow busy with activities ranging from propaganda manufactured in Federal Housing against those in Ekpo Abasi, to the increased consumption of "thanks for coming" beer offered by seasonal politicians of charade benevolence, rendering the ritualistic catechism of good intentions as they do every four years, to the "they bought me form to run" politicians, the "body language" politicians and the "Am running for you" politicians have all made an interesting watch. May fall be far from such races. Amen. 

It is no longer breaking News that, His Excellency Gov. Ben Ayade is unavoidably considered as the guber flag bearer of the People's Democratic Party. Whatever pluses and minuses produced this conclusion, it has come to stay. It is also not News that Sen. John Owan Enoh will bear the guber flag of the All Progressive Congress and their target is to take over Diamond Hill either by crook or hook. The obvious political rift between these two has sent an FCE student to the after life courtesy of their oveerexcitted loosed supporters. With the present display of federal might and resources by the APC, Cross River State may join Ekiti, Osun and Kogi. The possibilities however unpleasant, should not be underrated. 

Whatever may have happened that night the news of automatic ticket was announced obviously didn't go well with some aspirants resulting to their automatic departure from PDP to the opposition party. Departure of aggrieved party faithfuls. What a plight! So, those who remained and intends to throw a dice of luck may equally take a bow when things go too messy or work to jeopardize the party's interest during general elections as pay back. Again, it will be suicidal for the party in the State if Prof. Ayade tow the line of his predecessor by fronting unpopular aspirants because, the APC of 2018 is stronger, bigger and much more sophisticated than the APC of 2011 and before. Now, they're out to win everything including the heart of one's wife. PDP must be careful. 

Ayade is only working with his "pallies", and "Yes Sir" appointees which am afraid isn't enough to come out victorious. He must realize the election is not just about him but, the party. Now is not the time to treasure sycophancy, it is time for real business and selective partnership is just too risky for the task ahead. Whatever his political calculations and strategies are, methink, he should get good hands at the very base, the grassroot, in every ward, in every family if need be, particularly those wards that are already being penetrated and almost hijacked by the APC, he should have strong party men to match strength for strength and empower them to do so. Nothing should be left to chance else, APC from all permutations will win overwhelmingly as this guber fight to them is more of proving a point than actually delivering a more effective representation. 

Too many dangerous loose ends in PDP and Ayade should tie them now if he must win Owan Enoh in 2019.

Na small small fire wey dey cook food dey start before e hot. As I see am, naim I dun talk am.