Sunday, 14 October 2018

Zamfara Impasse: “Don’t be fooled by INEC”, group charges PDP, Atiku

A socio-political organization, the Atiku Campaign Organization has charged the Peoples Democratic Party as well as its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar not to be carried away by INEC's neutrality in the ongoing impasse in Zamfara State.


The group said INEC in recent time has been partisan in its activities and has admonished the party to be vigilant and alert the relevant international agencies to checkmate the activities of politicians ahead of next year's general elections.


The charge was given in Calabar by Austin Ibok, the Coordinator of Atiku Campaign Organization and Special Adviser to the Governor of Cross River State on Inter-Party Affairs.


He said: "I have a different view as the coordinator of Atiku campaign organization in Cross River State and my own point is that we should not be overexcited and carried away by INEC tending and pretending to be transparent with the processes using Zamfara state as an example.


"The elections conducted recently have shown that INEC has been partisan in their activities and in the way they do things. And as a party and also a campaign organization we should not be carried away thinking that they are going to give us free, fair and credible elections in 2019.


"Our aim as a party and as Atiku's campaign organization in Cross River State is not to be carried away.   Our candidate and our party should deploy means and international organizations to checkmate INEC and security agencies in order for us to have free and fair elections in 2019.


"So that is why we as an organization and a party are not excited about what is happening in Zamfara state and what we are doing. It can also be a ploy by them ahead of the elections so we as a party have to put machinery in place. So that is why we are not impressed and the information has to go to our candidate, party as well as the campaign organization telling them that they should not be overexcited by this", he said.


The Coordinator decried the call on the APC to utilize a window in the impasse saying the call is uncalled for saying that since primaries were not conducted by the party before the stipulated time frame, there is no window whatsoever for the party to explore.


"There is no window in this case, there can only be a window based on the time set by the Electoral Act for the submission of candidates. Also, you can only substitute a candidate when you have filled one.


"So at this stage now, since the primary has not been conducted already, there were no persons that were filled for those offices like the governorship and assembly seats, there is no reason to substitute because they cannot substitute in a vacuum, you must substitute based on availability", he said.

It is worthy to add that 'INEC must be watched closely by both the local and international community if our democracy is to be sustained,besides,the ruling interference via the blatant use of security agencies to harrass and intimidate the opposition must be condemned strongly