Sunday, 25 November 2018

Creek Town holds solidarity rally for High Chief Prof. Nyong as Four village heads, others defect to APC

| Ukorebi Esien | 24 November 2018 

Members of the All Progressive Congress in Creek Town ward 1, a strong political ward in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State Friday 23rd November, held a solidarity rally in honor of an illustrious son of the ward, High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong who had laid to rest the rumous of his defection to the PDP.

Prior to the rally,  Prof. Nyong had issued a statement firmly discrediting an earlier rumour that he is planning to defect to the People's Democratic Party, PDP. While asking the general public to disregard such rumours, the former gubernatorial aspirant made it clear that he has never contemplated defecting to PDP nor any other party and he has no intention to do so even in the future. 

Speaking at the event, an Odukpani  chapter leader of the APC who eulogised Prof. Nyong for his sterling leadership qualities, emphasized that the gathering was necessitated to douse the tension as well as debunk the rumour that High Chief prof. Nyong had left or has any plan to leave the APC fold. 

Participants at the Solidarity rally 

Support group dancing in celebration of Prof. Nyong's leadership 

The party stalwart went on to remind the teeming crowd of Prof. Nyong's antecedents in building both the community and the party, stating that the Professor of Petroleum Geology and pioneer commissioner of NDDC for Cross River State still remains the party's leader in the local government. He went on to  express optimism that with the caliber of Prof. Nyong in the party, APC Odukpani will sweep all the votes in the forthcoming 2019 elections for all offices.

Also speaking, Mr. Etinyin Asibong, ward chairman of Ito Idoro Ukwa ward and the Chairman of all ward Chairmen in Odukpani, noted that the rumour that High Chief Prof. Eyo Nyong was contemplating defecting to the PDP was "a figment of the imagination of some drowning, greedy and impatient persons who think dragging the professor's name into mud would give them relevance in their new sojourn to a wandering land. 

Etinyin Asibong noted that clement weather and the huge turn out of members as gone a long way to show that APC is rooted in Creek Town, stating that the complete 13 ward chairmen of Odukpani were in attendance to show solidarity with to their leader, High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong who has made it known that he is  still a bona-fide member of the APC.

Speaking Earlier Comrade Attah Etim Attah, said the gathering which had the approval of Prof Nyong was needed to kill the fake news that had spread across town that "the defection of some people will lead to the demise of the Party in Creek Town ward 1. "We are here today to debunk such rumours and let you know that our leader prof. Eyo Etim Nyong is still our leader and a committed member for that matter. Today as members of the Party we have all come out enmarse to show that the party is still intact under the amiable leadership of Professor Eyo Etim Nyong who is strongly at the helm of affairs of the Party". He concluded. 

High point of the event was the receiving of new members who defected from the People's Democratic Party into the APC fold. Those received into the party include four village heads in charge of large communities in the ward and many young persons of prominent infuelnce among the youths of Creek Town ward.

Recieving the defectors, a chapter party stawalt thanked them for leaving their various parties and for deeming it fit to defect to the APC fold of Creek Town 1, stating that he regards them as great visioneers who have seen the future, as he called them square pegs in square holes. 

The chiefs who took turn to speak, said expressed their happiness to be part of the APC, as they independently narrated their odeals with the PDP while declaring their eminent support for the APC as they promised to do all within their power to ensure APC's victory in the forthcoming general elections. 

Defecting PDP members declaring to work for the success of APC in Creek Town 

Cultural display 

Defectors being received in to the APC fold 

In a chat with High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong, TDN learnt that the Professot, is not taking the attempted soiling of his name kindly as he has on several occasions repeatedly said he is a rooted member of the APC with a teeming crowd of followers and finds it disheartening when his followers are being misled by political enemies for cheap political gains.

The event which was massively attended had a display of different traditional dances from a variety of troupes with several support groups in attendance.