Saturday, 17 November 2018

Efik group confers leadership role on Prof. Eyo Nyong, depends on him for political direction

High Chief, Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong 

16 November 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

A socio cultural cum political youth group known as Ikem- esit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duop eba made up of youths from the 12 tribes of the Efik Kingdom has conferred on Professor Eyo Etim Nyong, a former NDDC commissioner and Gubernatorial aspirant, the Leadership position of the group which can be equated to grand commander of Efik youths. TDN can report.

The Etubom Mkparawa of the group, surveyor Ekpo Ekeng, who led his members to pay a courtesy visit on Professor Nyong revealed that Ikem- esit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duop eba decided to make him their leader due to hexceptional leadership qualities and character he has displayed. 

According to Surveyor Ekeng, "Prof. is a man of discipline and character who has portrayed love and care for the Efik Kingdom, he has severally demonstrated his desire to see the Efiks grow and become useful in the society, he has also shown a high level of respect for the throne, that is why we came to him and begged him to be our leader, although when we first approached him, he declined but when we persisted, on a second thought, he accepted to lead us to greater heights".

Members of Ikem- esit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duop eba presenting gift items to their new leader as custom demands 

While accepting the leadership role bestowed upon him by the group, Prof Nyong said he was happy to have been found worthy to be their leader. He used the opportunity to advise and encourage the group to live together as one, protecting each others interest as they work towards the growth of the Efik Kingdom. He also advised the Efik youths to be hardworking in whatever they find themselves doing, be it education, career, business or as craftsmen etc, while focusing on the big picture of the future.

Prof. Nyong who has been consistent in showing a strong and passionate desire to lead the Cross River State promised to always be there for them as they seek avenues to promote the activities of the organisation to greater heights, stating that he will be by them anytime any day provided they follow guiding principles and abide by the laws of the nation.

In a telephone conversation, the president (Etubom Mkparawa) of the group, Surveyor Ekpo Ekeng, told TDN that as the leader of  Ikem- esit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duop eba, Prof Nyong now has enormous responsibility of giving both cultural and political directives to the group. "He is now the grand commander of all youths from the 12  tribes of the Efik Kingdom". He emphasized.

"He will be advising us on cultural and costumary issues and giving us directives on political matters. For instance, Prof. Nyong will be leading us to the forthcoming 'Utom Obong' in December and for the 2019 general elections, we will also rely on his directives. We will all support any candidate or party he directs us to. Believing that due to his years of experience,  he will lead us to support a candidate that has the best interest of the Efik people as we cast our votes". He said. 

Ikem Esit Mkparawa is a socio cultural group with membership cutting across youths from the 12 tribes of the Efik Kingdom whose main objective is to promote the Efik Kingdom and it's throne. Their activities are targeted towards promoting peace and security within the various Efik communities. Their interest is to maintain the dignity of the Throne and it's people as a peace loving people project their hospitality nature.
And to resist any attempt to politically undermine the Efiks in any way and manner.

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