Saturday, 17 November 2018

John Gaul reacts to Bahumono communal crisis, what he said will shock you

The Speaker Cross River State House of Assembly has written an open letter to the Waring communities of Bahumono extraction in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. 

After a long period of impasse amongst communities in the Local Government Area, Wednesday witness a free for all clash as news sources had it that Usumotong accompanied Ebijakara to invade Ebom, and while this was ongoing, Ediba invaded Usumotong from the other end.

All this resulted to lost of several lives and properties with many people rendered homeless while some have since taken refuge in Ugep, Yakut Local Government Area.

To this effect the Speaker of the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly wrote an open letter to the effected communities which happens to be his constituency. 

The letter reads in full:

Open letter to Abi state constituency citizens 

1. Dear constituents, let's have an end to communal hostilities among the communities of The Bahumuno Nation in Abi local government. 

2. The Bahumuno Nation in Abi local government are a peculiar and unique hospitable and hugely industrious people around the world. 

3. Their contribution to state and national development cannot be under estimated. 
Over a decade ago, the ebom and Ebijakara extraction of the Bahumuno Nation fought among themselves consequent upon which Ebijakara community does no longer exist. Every effort, legal and statutory to restore Ebijakara community back to their ancestral home has proved abortive. Since then, Ebijakara has sought refuge in Usumutong community. 

4. The current communal crisis between Ediba and Usumutong, Usumutong and Ebom apart been unnecessary and avoidable cannot be resolved with Ebijakara out of the context. 

5. Tension ,threats ,fear, and cases of fighting, and deaths on the 3 communities of Ediba-Usumutong, Usumutong-Ebom and the insinuations of the connivance of Ebijakara is an issue that calls for urgent foundational peace process. 

6. The lesders of Bahumuno Nation must first of all embrace peace and desist from the state of denial and blame staking. 
Government is limited where indigenous communities with same ethnic and homogenous root go to war with brothers and spill innocent blood with reckless abandon. 

7. There must be an end to hostilities between all parties concerned and government must be allowed to continue its intervention and peace process.

8. The house of Assembly facilitated  an inter communal dispute parlay headed by the obol lopon of ugep and the paramount ruler of biase earlier in the year to intervene to no avail despit the effort of the obol. The last meeting 24hours to the conflict was indefinite. 

9. A joint peace committee of all Bahumuno notable elders and leaders who set up a standing committee tried to no avail. 
The lone effort of the current commissioner for international development, Hon Francis Etta also tried to no avail. 

10. On Tuesday this week acting on security tip off ,government drafted a team of police and soldiers to Ebom and Usumutong communities, had a meeting with the paramount ruler of Abi in Usumutong. 

11. Despite assurance from both sides, the communities still went to war with heavy casualties resulting therefrom including lose of life's and properties including the palace of the paramount ruler of Abi, elder statesman Avm Eko Osim  house alongside 9 other houses in Usumutong.

12. The house of Assembly has therefore fixed an emergency seating on Monday  to resolve and mandate the executive to set up a commission of inquiry to bring the perpetrators to justice, while protecting the life's and properties of citizen's

13. In the interim more security team has been drafted to the area, the state emergency management agency has been deployed in the area to intervene immediately. 

14. The commissioner for health has been mandated to dispatch a team of doctors and other medical personnel to the area. I am doing everything within my powers to send as much relief to those affected, you are my people and you are my first priority. Your pain is my pain, your sufferings are my sufferings. Please let us live in peace. 
We call on all parties to ceasefire and allow peace to rain .

Your Son. 
John Gaul Lebo
Speaker, CRSHA

It should be noted that Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo represents Abi local government area in the Cross River State House of Assembly and currently seeks to represent the Federal Constituency of Abi/Yakurr in the National Assembly.