Thursday, 27 December 2018

"Some of you are misleading us by misfiring" Izama, Attah slams Utum Eteng

L-R Anthony Bisong- Senate aspirant, Chief Utom Eteng -APC chieftain, Castro Izama - YPP Chairman, CRS 

The duo of Castro Izama, Cross River State chapter Chairman of Young Progressives Party, YPP and his Central Senatorial District National Assembly Candidate, Comr Anthony Bisong Attah has taken a swipe at an APC chieftain and solicitor, Barr Utom Eteng.

Castro who was responding to Barr Eteng's comment on his thread on Facebook told the APC chieftain that he as an elderly person in political arena have misled the younger generation and have not showed them the  right way to go.

"Chief with due respect, I'm afraid some of you aren't teaching us the right way to go. Some day we will fail to rescue accident victims simply because they're in inside an APC bus, assuming.
Is there any street in Ugep known as APC? Those President Buhari gave appointments a lot came from other Political Parties. How was APC formed?"

Castro who centered his argument on the incessant rancor and acrimony that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Cross River State chapter of of the APC suggested that a reorientation of our political values will go a long way in ending political segregation.

"Until we School our Political feelings we will continue to wallow in unnecessary segregation". He concluded.

A National Assembly hopeful and leader of the YPP in Cross River State, Comrade Anthony Bisong Attah who waded in, accused Barr Eteng of misfiring as his party is filled with ungrateful, greedy appointees who have refused to reciprocate Mr. President's kind gesture to the state, but would rather prefer to 'chop alone' while they fight themselves. 

"Chief Utum Eteng, you just scored a big low by your misfiring here. You deliberately avoided the real issue which is the inability of your party in the state to reciprocate the gesture of Mr President despite the unprecedented appointments given to the state, with you as a beneficiary. 

It is shameful that you people took the appointments as a buffet where you simply get your own share and disappear to an isolated table ostensibly 'to chop alone'. Unfortunately, PMB is fully aware of the craftiness displayed by your party faithfuls in the state and had simply decided to patronize a 'more serious' political suitor."

Earlier, Mr. Castro Izama had accused APC Cross River of not being able to lobby for the APC political rally slated to hold in Akwa Ibom to be held in Cross River State despite the numerous number of appointees the president has in the state. 

"So with all the appointments littered in our State by PMB's goodwill, our big Brothers in APC couldn't lobby Mr. President to begin from our Sate? He questioned. 

In his post,  Castro also wondered how Sen Ndoma Egba would become the Senate President when the likes of Akpabio also wins their election into the red chamber

 What is the possibility of our distinguished Sen. Victor Ndoma Egba becoming Senate President over high- tensioned Godswill Akpabio should they win elections into the red chamber?

Is our State still atomistically Waring against itself?

This post and comments from Castro and other facebook users caused the APC chieftain to react by asking Castro and Bisong who are leaders of the Young progressives party in the state to concentrate in ensuring their candidates win the forthcoming general elections as they use the APC crisis to their advantage. 

"My dear friends am surprised that rather than talk about your party as the hope of young men, your busy getting involved with crisis in the APC. Why not use it to the advantage of your patty if you believe in it and the cadidates filed?
Please present your party as the viable alternative.This is my urge and wish to yuo my friends". Eteng adviced. 

This was all the time chief said before he was rushed and consumed by Castro Izama and his friend Anthony Bisong without letting him land as if they had planned for him. 

If you ask me, I think Castro and Anthony just spoke the mind of an average Cross River State young person. APC in Cross River State out of greed and selfishness just blew their golden opportunity to take over the state. 

The seemingly incompetence displayed by the incumbent governor was all APC needed to ride to government house, but greed and childishness would not allow them. They became power drunk at the taste of power through appointments from Mr. President and blew up their chances. 

All the same, as the wise men would say 'it is not over until it is over'. They still have about a month and some days to shield their sword, swallow their pride and unify together as they form a formidable team to beat the incumbent if only and only if, they are willing and obedient they shall eat the good of government house Calabar. 
Indeed better days await Cross Riverians.

Ukorebi Esien blogs for Thedailynewsng where he tells the Nigerian story, one article at a time.