Sunday, 20 January 2019

20 unassailable reasons why Atiku had to visit America by Princewill Odidi

Mr. Princewill Odidi, a US based Development expert writes from Atlanta Georgia, stating 20 reasons why most presidential aspirants in Africa Prioritize visiting of The United States of America.

In this matster piece, Odidi highlighted why it seems necessary for every African Presidential candidate to visit the United States of America if they must gain victory at the polls. 

To be President, why Atiku must visit America by Princewill Odidi

1. Many people wonder why visiting America or consulting with American Embassy in your country has become a tradition before you can become president. The reason is simple. America has provided the worlds leadership since after the Cold War. America has removed the strongest of leaders like Saddam and Ghadaffi and have installed the strongest of puppets whether democratically or military. 

2. Virtually All the military coups in Nigeria, one way or the other you will find the hand of America. 

3. Now this is how it works. America has some powerful policy institutes, these institutes operate as lobby groups. They are private sector driven but they have strong influence over American foreign policy. These private sector policy institutes majority of them are funded by corporate interest like multinational corporations. So these policy groups attempt to influence leadership and policy in countries where these multi nationals do business. 

4. For example, Jonathan's problems began when Chevron and mobile did not support the petroleum bill. These local scenario influenced Washington's behavior towards Jonathan. 

5. At the peak of the Presidential campaigns during Jonathan era, even before a single vote was cast at Presidential elections in 2015, Jonathan knew he will not be elected. Jonathan knew from the beginning America wanted Buhari. Nigeria's strategic importance in the west African sub region cannot be overlooked, hence Washington DC openly or secretly influences who becomes our president. 

6. If Washington DC does not want a leader and he imposes himself on the people through elections, like in Egypt, they don't care, they sometimes sponsor a military coup to overthrow democratic regimes.

7. A few weeks ago when it was becoming obvious that Atiku may not visit America, some US policy groups started coming up with policy recommendations supporting Buhari. I had told my friends it was over for Atiku. But his ability to visit DC would change all of these only if he can gain the trust of Washington DC. 

8. Note that the bulk of people Atiku is meeting are policy groups like US chambers of commerce. From the board rooms of these foreign organizations they determine who becomes presidents in Africa. 

9. Let me use the recent elections in democratic republic of Congo to explain this US Africa democracy love triangle and how elections are manipulated to get desired results in developing countries. 

10. In Congo, due to the presence of Cobalt, key multinationals around the world are interested in Congo. Kabila attempted to impose himself to prolong his rule, but it failed. In June this year, in a banquet organized by Congolese embassy in DC key Trump administration officials including Trumps lawyer where present to negotiate a safe landing for Kabila New York Times reports. 

11. Kabila supported Ramazani, but he could not get the Americans support his hand picked successor. His candidate became increasingly unpopular when a coaliation of political parties, the European Union and Catholic Church supported Fayulu another candidate. As Ramazani unpopularity increased, Kabila sponsored a breakaway in the coalition and one member called Tschikedi with American support later emerged winner. 

12. The entire southern African development commission, AU, Catholic Church and some EU countries are calling for cancellation of the results. You may want to ask, why? They should be happy that Kabila a dictator is gone, don't be deceived, the western worlds interest in Africa has nothing to do with humanitarian assistance to reduce poverty and build infrastructure, the western world are only interested in the leader that will give them more access to exploit the continents minerals. 

13. You can now understand how the petroleum industry bill, and an attempt to procure arms from the Russians to fight boko haram got Jonathan to enter Americas bad books, and you can also understand why buhari will never concede to restructuring, the truth is restructuring aligns with PIB,  and you can also understand why Atiku is talking of privatizing NNPC. These things just don't happen by chance, they have to align with the Western worlds interest or the presidential hopefuls are removed or voted in. 

14. For Congo, The real contention is the gold, diamonds, Cobalt and other precious stones scattered all over Congo and who can make it easy for Multinational corporations to control, that is the person that will be allowed to rule. 

15. These people fight over how to share our resources in board rooms and chambers of commerce as reflected in Atiku presentations in Washington DC today, but our local people fight over this with matchets and cutlasses and bombs killing one another.  

16. Now apart from mineral resources, strategic alliances can cause a president not to get reelection. At a point in 2015, president Jonathan started talking about purchasing arms from Russia which did not go well with the Americans and if America decides to align with Atiku in the coming days instead of buhari it would be for Buharis close alliances with the Chinese and domination of the Nigerian markets by Chinese investors. 

17. It's about 30 days to general elections, America policy influencers as at last week aligned with Buhari for a second term, but this can still change. If Atiku returns next week smiling with confidence having America's nod, then know that a new alignments may have been reached. If he continues his campaign in a lukewarm manner, then forget it no alignments. 

18. Whatever way or form it takes, don't be deceived to believe that your votes can determine who runs Africa's largest economy as president, someone in a boardroom in Brussels, Paris, Washington DC or London is making that decision. You can choose your governors and assembly men, but high powered international negotiations produces presidents. 

19. Now you understand why Jonathan in his book blamed Obama for his defeat, yet Obama did not cast a single vote in Nigeria. There are cases where sitting presidents are threatened by these foreign countries that they will be dragged to international court of justice to be prosecuted for purported crimes against humanity if they do not accept defeats and congratulate the prefer winner. 
In Cameroon, America is supporting the emergence of an English speaking president who may want to align with America, but France is supporting the incumbent who has been in power for over 40 years. 

20. It is good Atiku visited Washington DC to meet these hawks, to present the plans for his government. In a few days, if America wants Buhari out, they will start warning him to ensure a free and fair elections, findings will be released to independent election monitors, threats will be sent of plans to freeze foreign accounts of top politicians, monies will start moving around to buy politicians, America will even give money to whoever they support to spend and win the elections. 

In 2015, because America wanted Buhari, independent election monitors saw children voting in the north, kept quiet and declared the elections free and fair, but if they don't want a candidate the monitors will declare the elections rigged. 

At least you have an idea why Atiku had to visit America. Some call it muscle flexing in international politics, but like John Spaniard , I call it games that nations play.