Friday, 11 January 2019

About CrowdPol and the #IPledgeToVote campaign

11 January 2019 

CrowdPol is a civic tech startup which helps citizens find, engage and mobilise support in politics and social good. Our mission is to make governance open and inclusive for citizens. 

I Pledge To Vote is a non-partisan, patriotic campaign which aims at addressing political apathy among both new and old voters but particularly first time voters.

It would be agreed that majority of the Nigerian electorates don't feel obliged to exercise their voting franchise probably because they think their votes don't/ won't count. So, they are indifferent in getting their PVCs: those who have gotten their PVC, don't feel disposed to vote; those who are disposed to vote, want to do it for a fee —vote selling, thus vote buying; others just vote and leave the rest to the official election umpire, the umpire may in turn with corrupt politicians/parties perfects the rigging plot. Finally, others resort to violence, thuggery and all forms of electoral malpractices to frustrate the democratic process. 

Consequently, the #IPledgeToVote campaign wishes to address a sextuplet of challenge begging for imminent solution:

—majority of eligible voters in Nigeria don't want to vote, so they're without PVC 
—some have PVCs, but still don't want to vote
—some have PVCs and wish to vote, but for a fee (vote buying)
—majority vote, but that's all, they don't care what happens next, they fail to protect their vote
—some resort to rigging for either party or politician
—some resort to election violence.

So, if you Pledge to Vote, you commit to vote; you'll get your PVC; you won't sell your vote or encourage vote buying; you will protect your vote; you won't contemplate rigging of votes; and you won't resort to violence during/after elections.

CrowdPol through the I Pledge to Vote campaign will be talking them out of this ignoble orientation through the I Pledge to Vote concert billed to take place on Sunday 20th January 2019 at the Dome at Calabar Municipality Council Secretariat; there will be also an I Pledge To Vote walk and signage to a peace pact by candidates. The concert is free, accordingly, the pass is your Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs.

See you on the 20th of January (2019) at the Dome, Calabar Municipality.

The CrowdPol Team