Friday, 11 January 2019

Ayade deserves a second term, Carnival Calabar participants echo out

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River's 2019 reelection bid got boosted, Friday 28, December 2018 during the Carnival Calabar parade of the Bands as participates and thousands who watched the carnival parade rooted for the governor's reelection in 2019.

The carnival which attracted over two million participants and audience/onwatchers from all over the world and across the country including star artists, actors and actresses witnessed a unanimous approval from the crowd including children demanding for Ayade's reelection.

During the carnival, Chairman of Grand Evolution, one of the prominent political support groups rooting for a total support for the governor to get his second term in office, Lion Achu Fidelis, used the occasion to display and disclosed the group's total support for Ayade and campaigned for his victory in the 2019 gubernatorial elections.

Lion Achu said that the group decided to take advantage of the 2018 carnival to massively mobilized great support for the governor and called on the indigenes of the state and other Nigerians residing and doing their legitimate businesses in the state to have their PVCs handy and be ready to exercise their franchise by voting Senator Ben Ayade for second term to continue with the good work he has already started in his first tenure.

"Ayade has done marvelously and wonderfully well in his first term by completing some massive and capital intensive projects such as the garment factory, Rice seed and seedlings plant, Calapharm factory among others with others at various stages of completion, and it will only be rational that he continue to accomplish his dream and vision for the state", Lion Achu concluded.

A participant at the Carnival, Mr. Jude Odey, commended governor Ayade for his superlative works and performances in his first tenure and for improving on the contents of the carnival and adding value to it thereby increasing the rate of participation from across the world, stressing the need for the governor to be reelected in 2019.

Also speaking, Charles Essien, called on the people to come out on the day of Election to vote the governor and other PDP candidates, adding that eight years of Ayade will surely placed Cross River among the top economically viable states in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

On his part, Dr. Basset Ekpo, reasoned that Cross Riverians have no alternative to Governor Ayade who for the past three and half years has proven that he has what it takes, intellectually, wisdom-wise, national/international connections and the leadership acumen to Make the state the industrial hub of Nigeria and Africa and give the people the best standard of living in Africa.

Also commenting on Ayade's performances so far, ImaObong Udoh said that governor Ayade has make life meaningful to the ordinary person on the street, reduce crime rate through massive appointments and regular payment of workers salaries, and stressed the need for all to vote for Ayade in 2019.