Thursday, 17 January 2019

I am that good friend that's better than a bad brother, Owan entice Northern C'River

As the Owan Enoh's campaign train rounds up it's campaigns in the Northern senatorial District of Cross River State with mammoth crowd trouping out to receiving the APC gubernatorial candidate, Sen. John Owan Enoh at Ishibori, Ogoja Local Government Area, Owan told electorates from the district that he is that good friend that should be trusted better than a bad brother. 

Owan made this statement while highlighting the ill-treatment the incumbent governor had dished out to the northern senatorial district where he comes from. Owan stressed that should he be governor for four years, his political opponents won't have what to use in camapaining against him, especially in his own home town. 

He told the teeming and cheering crowding that Ayade is a bad leader(brother) who does not love them but decided to deceive them after four years with projects he knows he won't complete. 

"Somebody told me that, a good friend is better than a bad brother, and I am that good friend. You see all these roads Ayade has scattered in the North, just because he knows election is by the Conner, I can bet you that God forbid, but if he wins the election, he will still not finish them. I am the one that will complete all these roads". He said

The APC massive rally which took place in Ishibori saw supporters and lovers of the party from the five Local Government Areas that makes up the district converging like a swam of bee to show solidarity with the APC. 

At the event the gubernatorial candidate painstakingly canvassed for votes from electorates from the district while giving tangent reasons why Governor Ben Ayade should not return to government house after the March 2nd elections.

Sen Owan, told the people that Ayade does not deserve a second term owing to his poor performance and has continually waited for him (Owan) to make a move before he follows. "You see, Ayade is not a good leader, he waits for me to take a step before he hurriedly tries to catch up with me, I have to visit you even without being a governor and your governor has never visited, I slept in Ogoja for three days, but Ayade has never spent a night here. He keeps waiting for me to do a thing before he follows. He is the governor and as such supposed to be the one doing while I follow but the reverse is the case here. 

The crowd witnessed at the rally goes a long way to show that the APC has gotten a hold of the northern senatorial district, home of the state incumbent governor. 
What is yet to be clearly understood is wheather the crowd witnessed today are all genuine supporters of the APC, or wheather they will all cast their votes in favour of president Muhammadu Buhari and the governorship candidate for the state, senator John Owan Enoh, as some fillers has it that the crowd were largely supporters of Koko Dan, the house of representatives candidate for Bekwara, Obudu, Obanliku Federal constituency, and Jude Ngaji, candidate for Ogoja/Yala Federal constituency.