Saturday, 5 January 2019

I was not called by the presidency to run for senate - Ndoma Egba

05 January, 2019 | Ukorebi

The Chairman of Niger Delta Development Commission, Sen Victor Ndoma Egba has said that he was never called by the presidency to run for any office for the sake of being made the Senate President. The Daily News Nig. (TDN)  can report authoritatively.

The former lawmaker who made this known while answering questions from newsmen revealed that though he was not called by the presidency to contest the senatorial election, but he will be eligible and available when he gets to the Senate to struggle for whatever is coming to his zone.

"I don't know of any politician who will do that. Supposing I don't win the election, but it's just that I am going to win, supposing I don't win".  He queried. 

"That information is very cheap propaganda, but what I can tell you for certain is that I will be eligible and available when I get there to struggle for whatever is coming to my zone, I won't shy away from it, but nobody promised me anything".

When asked why he wouldn't give room for a fist timer to represent him in the Senate, the Niger Delta Commissioner said that is left for the electorate to decide but warned that having a first timer in the Senate won't be for the best interest of the state. Stating that it will take more than one term for a lawmaker to understand the National Assembly talk more of executing projects. 

"It's the choice of the people of the state to allow a first timer to be in the senate or allow an experienced hands. None of my 74 projects we went to inspect, was started in my first term because in your first term you will never get to understand how that system works, so it is left to the state to decide whether they want to waste the four years because you want to give a first timer an opportunity. Other states are not going to be waiting for you, they will be sending those who will give them the maximum advantage, so they won't be waiting for you because you want to experiment with your first timer. You can send him there. He said. 

The Senatorial candidate buttress his point with an example from a local village settings, describing how a first timer is turned to an errand boy in the National Assembly.  

According to him, "In a village setting let me tell you what a first timer will be doing when he gets to the house. You know when chiefs gather to eat, they will call a young man to come and pour drinks for them, after pouring the drinks he goes out, then they will call him back to hold water for them to wash their hands to eat, after eating he is called back to clear the plates. That's what a first term senator will be doing, he won't be there when they are sharing the food". He described.

 Senator Egba advised Cross Riverians to be wise as they vote during the 2019 general elections as he canvassed for votes for both himself and president Muhammedu Buhari.