Saturday, 19 January 2019

I will not play politics with Boki roads, another lie from Owan Enoh

An opinion and public affairs writer Mr. Leonard Akwo had picked on the statements of senator John Owan Enoh, Cross River State APC gubernatorial candidate, during his campaign in Boki Local Government Area, describing it as a lie. 

In this piece, the author noted that while running the senatorial election in 2015, Owan, had also visited Boki then, and promised to provide good road networks for the Boki people and four years after, he is back with the same promises while seeking a higher office. 

Owan Enoh had on Thursday 17th January, 2019 during his gubernatorial campaigns in Boki told the chiefs and people of Boki that he will not play politics with their roads, while attempting to taunt the incumbent governor and accusing him of nonperformance. 

Leonard's article reads in full:  

So in his campaign tour yesterday, Senator John Owan Enoh also visited Boki. The Boki people , in their usual civility received him thankfully. They do this to every guest - big or small, near or far. How much more their Senator? How much more a supposed neighbour? How much more a man mustering the audacity to oust a performing incumbent? 

They gathered in their throng - banen Boki. Yes they did. To have a foretaste of that two horned fellow. What he is made of. What he has got to say. They all knew that to be able to dethrone a man who has bridged a river which  has ripped a local governments headquarter  away from development, a man who dared to connect  Eastern and Western Boki, a task once considered seemingly impossible and a man who has achieved many more feats in just one local Government, then you must be a god or something close to it. So they gathered to see and hear him out.

And they were disappointed.

Among other blabbing, he assured the Boki nation that he will not play politics with their roads. And from the crowd I heard: 

"Oga, you lie again"

Yes he lied again

About this time four years ago, the APC candidate was on a tour like this for his senatorial campaign. He had not jumped ship yet. PDP was the real deal. APC was an ill-wind, a Devil's camp, a party of criminals and losers. He will rather be a dead man than hold the broom in any form of reverence. All these he professed.

Owan, what has happened? Is APC now heaven?

He visited Buanchor. He visited Butatong. And in each of these villages he promised a clean asphalted road. I was there. I heard every word.

Four years has come and gone, Butatong and Buanchor roads are still lying fallow, terribly undulating and dusty. Not even a bucket of tarmac has been poured. Every time it rains, a pebble is eroded, a gully is cut and lives are at risk.

Four years has come and gone. He came back, e no fear God, he looked at Boki people in the face and lied to them again.

Once beaten they say, twice shy. Boki people are not fools. Butatong and Buanchor roads combined, are less than ten kilometers. If you cannot do a ten kilometers road, you did not only play politics, you just did a deception tour.

Boki people will not waste their votes on a man who cannot keep the simplest of promises. They won't take the risk. They won't vote for you. As a matter of fact, they still share that old ideology about APC with you.

They will vote a performer, a transformer. They will vote an industrial revolutionist. They will vote PDP. They will vote Prof. Benedict Ayade.

Leonard Akwo