Saturday, 12 January 2019

JD Agba clears himself, calls Ifere Paul a parasitic desperado

Ukorebi Esien, 12th January 2019

Mr. Joseph Davis Agba, who chooses to be addressed as JD Agba (an abbreviation of his names) has dealt a dirty blow on Mr. Ifere Paul, a supposed media aide to Prince Jedy Agba for accusing him of impersonation. 

While putting up a disclaimer which was made available to TDN, Mr. JD Agba noted that it was shocking and heart breaking to have read on some social media platforms and blogs that he was impersonating Prince Jedy Agba with his social media handles. 

While giving account of his activities and how the name JD Agba came about, Mr. Agba, said he was born Joseph Davis Agba but chooses to imitate his mentor TD Jakes in Abbreviating his first two names "Joseph Davis" as "JD"and has been been using those names from time immemorial on several occasions with no illegal or criminal intentions whatsoever. 

He also challenged Mr. Ifere whom he described as a parasitic desperado seeking to please his paymaater while he justifies his sustenance wages and relevance around Prince Jedy Agba to show prove or evidence of him either through, writings, images, audio or video claiming to be Prince Jedy Agba.

He further said he was ready to turn himself over the security operatives for further investigation as he cautioned Mr. Ifere Paul to desist from using him as a dispensable tool nor further attempt to tarnish his hard-earned image and integrity or risk facing the full course of the law. 

The statement reads in full:


I want to clear the air on certain false allegations leveled against me and my person by one Ifere Paul which made the headlines over the week, claiming that I am impersonating Prince Goddy Jedy Agba.


Ordinarily, I would have let such frivolous and cheap talk pass away and die a natural dead, but after due consultation with both family members and my solicitor, I am constrained to put up this disclaimer


My name is Joseph Davis Agba which I choose to abbreviate as JD Agba inspired by my mentor Bishop TD Jakes. I am a native of Ejangba clan, Ukpiriyni village of Utugwang in Obudu LGA. I was born into the family of Late Chief Engr Gabriel Ikor Agba (my Father) who named me after his Elder brother, HRM UTI Joseph Davis Agba paramount ruler of Obudu LGA and father of Prince Goddy Jedy Agba.


I attended Estate Nur/Pri School federal housing estate where I obtained my first school leaving certificate in 1998, St. Patrick's college Ikot Ansa where I obtained my SSCE in 2004, Cross River University of Technology Calabar campus where I also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry 2014, I served my country via NYSC at Taraba State and got my certificate in 2017, I also attended the International Institute of Strategic Management in 2016.


I have worked in various organizations including:

·         Dreamboat Foundation

·         USAID/Catholic Health           Service  Department

·         FHI360

. Taraba Action Committee for the control of AIDS

·          Cross River Basin Table Water

·          Action Health INC

·          Evangel Secondary School

·          Prechelle Foundation


I have served under the following:


v  World Apostolate of FATIMA – President

v  Legion of Mary  - President

v  Nigerian Federation of Catholic Student – President (CRUTECH)

v  Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (St. Augustine's Parish) – President

v  Director of Information Chemical Science Student Association (CRUTECH)

v  Director of Sport National Association of Cross River State Student (CRUTECH)

v  Electoral Chairman of Obudu Student Association (CRUTECH)

v  Director ICT/New Media Pst. Usani Campaign Organization



The following are my social media/Email ID

Facebook – JD Agba, Jedy Agba JNR

Twitter – JD Agba

Instagram – JD Agba

LinkedIn – JD Agba

Email ; 


In all of the above mentioned areas and organizations in which I had served and worked, I have never, either in my thoughts, words, actions, photographs, video clips, writings, had any tendency to equate or assume the person or position of Prince Goddy Jedy Agba or HRM UTI Joseph Davis Agba Paramount Ruler of Obudu LGA, to carry out any act of mischief, deception, and fraud. 

I'm ready and willing to turn myself over to the police, DSS, Civil Defence or any security agency for cross-examination with evidence.

In this regard, I wish to caution Mr. Ifere Paul not to use me in his parasitic desperation to justify his sustenance wage and relevance around Prince Goddy Jedy Agba as a dispensable tool. Nor further attempt to tarnish my hard-earned integrity.



God Bless You.

JD Agba




Recall that publication  *Jedy disassociates self from alleged Facebook impostor* first appeared on with claims that Mr. JD Agba was impersonating his relative Prince Godwin Jedy Agba. The story has received several tongue lashes from Cross Riverians who are familiar with the Agba's family, while many questioned the integrity of the post and the accuser, others wondered why Fearlessreports will stoop so low to publish what is obviously not true and lacks merit and evidence. 

The report on Fearlessreports reads in part. 

"...Prince Jedy in a statement by his Personal Assistant, Comrade Ifere Paul alleged that the impostor, one Joseph Davies Gabriel Agba, is using the account to pose as him on Facebook.

He added that, the said Joseph Davies Gabriel Agba who is a New Media/ICT Assistant to Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani, Cross River State factional APC governorship candidate is using the account to deceive the public that Prince Jedy is working in cohort with his principal.

"The statement further added that "It is very important to inform Joseph Davies Gabriel Agba that Goddy Jedy-Agba, OFR, Dan Jarin Nupe, will not take it lightly if he continues to falsely present himself as JD Agba. Mr Joseph Davies Gabriel Agba is hereby advised to use his full names henceforth.

My principal will be forced to seek appropriate action to remedy this situation in the event of failure to comply with this plea". The report concluded. 

Though information had it that' Mr. Ifere Paul had first made a post about it on his Facebook wall, where he accused JD Agba of impersonating his suppose boss.